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Wednesday, July 21, 2004

Real World cast earns a jeer from TVGuide; MTV is holding its first ever Reality Awards

In the Cheers and Jeers of Reality TV issue for next week's TVGuide, the Real World makes the list amongst the plethora of shows out there. TVGuide jeers both Ruthie (Hawaii) and Puck (San Francisco) for their behavior during their seasons. The magazine points out Ruthie's alcoholic behavior and Puck's peanut butter habits as reasons for the jeers. However, TVGuide also lists The Real World in a blurb about the decline of reality TV, praising its early seasons for tackling tough issues. Check it out.

MTV is holding its first ever Reality Awards on August 3 at 10PM. It's unclear on whether this will be an actual award show or will be a segment/scripted show hosted by someone, but nevertheless, you can vote for your favorites at In the eleven categories, both shows together scored 17 nominations in 8 different categories. Las Vegas and Paris both picked up 2 nods. San Diego picked up 4. South Pacific, the only Road Rules show to be nominated only picked up 1. The Gauntlet picked up 1. And The Inferno picked up an incredible 8 nominations. The Real Worlders and Road Rulers up for the awards are:

Bad M*F*
CT (Paris)
Coral (Back to New York)
for Inferno
Julie (New Orleans)
for Inferno

Spit Swappin'
Brad and Cameran (San Diego)

Knuckled Up
CT (Paris) picks a fight with a stranger
Abe vs. Donnell (South Pacific)
Veronica (Semester at Sea) vs. Katie (The Quest) in the Inferno

Most Important Shirtless Male
Alton (Las Vegas)
Abe (South Pacific)
for Inferno
Mike (Back to New York)
for Inferno

The Fishbowl
Julie (New Orleans) attacks Veronica's (Semester At Sea) harness in the Inferno
Frankie (San Diego) freaks out over big boats

Most Unwatchable
Gauntlet cast for eating Ice Cream sundaes

Pause Worthy Female
Cameran (San Diego)
Coral (Back to New York)
for Inferno
Trishelle (Las Vegas)
Jamie (San Diego)

Cry Me A River
Mike (Back to New York) for Inferno

Julie (New Orleans), Coral (Back to New York), Mike (Back to New York), CT (Paris), and Cameran (San Diego) all picked up 2 nominations. While Abe (South Pacific) and Veronica (Semester At Sea) also picked up 2. Donnell (South Pacific) and Katie (The Quest) were the only other Road Rulers nominated. Go Vote Now

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