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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Denver Episode #5: Tyrie juggles his various girls and he saves Davis from ridicule

Davis (Denver) and Tyrie (Denver) are making breakfast in the kitchen. Tyrie mentions that he needs ass. He meets Ashley at a bar and tries to pick her up. He gets her number and tells her that he'll remember her name. The next night, he meets Jazalle, the best set of legs he's seen in a long time.

Davis is planning a ski trip for the rest of the roommates. They have to wake up early. Brooke (Denver) tells Davis that she's more of a sun girl than a snow girl. Then, Tyrie calls up Jazalle, asking where she's goin to be clubbing. Then, he calls up Ashley who tells him that she's a flight attendant. He finds out that they're both going to the same club on the same night and they both want to meet Tyrie. Then Alex (Denver) and Tyrie have a discussion of who's better and who's not. Alex tells him to meet up with both girls at the club. Stephen (Denver), being the wingman that he is, invites Ashley to the house, while Tyrie brings Jazalle. Then, Stephen has to tell Ashley that she's no longer invited to the house.

While Jazalle is in the house, Ashley waits outside. Tyrie briefly leaves Jazalle to say goodbye to Ashley. Then he says that he's been "Darc Kenting" Jazalle for a while. Then the two go into the bathroom for a while.
Meanwhile, Davis wakes up at 8AM, and only Alex and Stephen want to go out and ski. The three bond over falling in the snow and drinking. Tyrie then has a date with Ashley, where the two kiss. Then, he tries to have sex with Jazalle. Tyrie is then disappointed and says he'll give it a week before anything else happens.

The girls then get excited for the lingerie party for 6.6.06. They obviously overdress for the party, where no one else is dressed up. Then, some drunk guy comes up to Davis and calls him some homophobic slurs, and Tyrie stands up for him. They run into Jazalle and Tyrie tries to distance himself from her. Tyrie is somewhat interested in her and the two patch up their rough spots. He then claims that she's gotten his heart.

Next on: Jenn (Denver) becomes an angry drunk and fights with Tyrie after a night on the town.


Jeffrey Marx said...

This season is still amazing.

Anonymous said...

It's amazingly stupid.

Tyrie is the biggest douchebag to be seen on RW. Bigger than Danny and Melinda. He was mad because that attention-starved whore Gazelle didn't want to sleep with him. Probably because he's so goddamn ugly.

Anonymous said...

her legs weren't that great

Anonymous said...

Was Colie even on this episode?