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Thursday, January 18, 2007

The Duel Reunion show aired online tonight; Will be shown next week on MTV

The Duel reunion was broadcast live on for the first time ever. Although it was not advertised at all, probably to avoid a substantial increase of web traffic on their broadband channel, we were able to catch the last couple of minutes.

Susie Castillo, MTV VJ, hosted once again, and nine Duelers showed up. Wes (Austin), Jodi (Extreme), Brad (San Diego), Svetlana (Key West), CT (Paris), Aneesa (Chicago), Evan (Fresh Meat), Diem (Fresh Meat) and Beth S. (Los Angeles) all showed up to the reunion. These were the last eight competitors, add Beth. Originally, Tina (South Pacific) was scheduled to be on, but she canceled her appearance last minute.

Here's some of the last minute things we caught, nothing too spoilerish for next week:

Evan talked about how CT had played the puzzle game for a while since Diem brought it to Brazil, by chance.

Beth is asked how many more Challenges she's going to be on. She says that she doesn't know, but the caller encourages Beth to keep doing the Challenges.

CT is asked if he felt like he overreacted in his Duel. He says that he didn't, he felt like he was the best competitor there and was robbed by a technicality.

Susie asks who's the best kisser in the house. CT declares himself to be. But only Diem and Evan can vouch for his kissing abilities. CT was the messiest. Jodi was the cleanest. Kenny (Fresh Meat) is the cleanest guy in the house.

Brad hooked up with no one on the show, because he had a girlfriend on the show.

The reunion airs next Thursday at 10PM.


Anonymous said...

wes stated on the last duel after show episode that he is officially retiring.

Anonymous said...

Evan and CT kissed?!?!? Can someone please verify that?

Anonymous said...

Damn Wes is retiring, he was my favorite castmember. It's going to suck not watching that Cocky SOB on TV anymore. Now I guess Derrick becomes my favorite once again.

Anonymous said...

OH you guys missed the best part when Svetlana and Beth had it out. Beth questioned about her crying and something happened and next thing you know shes like oh well at least im not here cuz i got punched in the face.

Seriously Beth is an ok person (at times) but she had no reason to be there. MTV wanted drama and when Tina backed out they should dropped Beth as well.

Anonymous said...

did wes say anything about proposing to johanna?

Anonymous said...

Yea, Beth truly isn't that bad, but she had no place there. Svetlana completely demolished her with her words. Beth's response was a retarded, "Are you kidding me? Please!" She needs to stop fighting with people that could possibly be her kids, and become a mature adult.

Anonymous said...

i hated svet on the aftershow. now i'm not glad she wins because she's kind of acting like tyler when they said on the after show that he was walking like he was buff just because he won one duel. and she thinks that she gets to talk like she's all better than beth. beth should've mentioned how svetlana was talking so much trash to beth and ended up losing also. ugh, i dunno why jodi didn't stick up for kina. and diem, you suck. :)

Anonymous said...

i mean i hated svet on the reunion. i bet if svetlana got punched in the face by tina she'd be like omg i hate this place i'm going home asap just like she wanted to go home just because of an argument.

Anonymous said...

Did Wes say on the Reunion whether he proposed to Johanna? Cuz he didnt say on the aftershow. I could have killed Blair for not f-ing asking him that. They talked about steriods but not her!! So pissed.

Anonymous said...

yeah susie asked, but he said not yet. he said he prefers to propose on the right moment and johanna doesn't want to get married as of right now because wes is attending school.

Kim said...

that reunion show wasn't as good as it usually is. everyone was talking while the host was trying to ask questions and the host was no bueno.