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Thursday, January 18, 2007

A very short trailer for the new season of Road Rules has cropped up on

Over at the Road Rules website, which currently has nothing on it and should be completely revamped in the next couple of days, a trailer for the new season of Road Rules has opened.

One of the most important things about this trailer, however, is what it reveals. There has been some question to if the pool of replacements would be newcomers or alumni. This trailer makes it seem as if they are newcomers. A casting call back in November also contributes to this notion.

Nevertheless, the trailers shows clips from past seasons and it's a great feeling for old fans who have missed the show since it went off the air in 2004. Here's some highlights:

13 seasons.
(Flashes title cards of several of the seasons)
163 missions.
(Flashes past missions)
And miles and miles of drama.
(Flashes clips of drama)
Road Rules is back.
(Flashes title cards of several castmembers)
But this season the rules have changed, with an all-star cast, and a group of eager newcomers ready to hop on board.
(Flashes of casts getting in their RVs)
This time, you decided who goes on the road, and who gets left behind.
(More random clips)
On this Road Rules, you rule.
(Premieres Tuesday, January 30 @ 9PM)

The several clips that I could gather are all jumbled up into a short one-minute trailer. Here are the clips I could make out:

South Pacific's and catching/bungee jumping mission
Extreme's dog attack mission
Europe's running with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain
South Pacific's buried alive mission
Extreme's dune buggy mission
Northern Trail's WWF mission
South Pacific's bungee jump off New Zealand's Sky Tower

A sound byte from one of the Ayanna/Veronica fights on Semester at Sea.
Abe's physical altercation with Donnell on South Pacific.
Pua and Ayanna's fight after Ayanna distances herself from the group on Semester at Sea.

Down Under checking out their RV for the first time.
Maximum Velocity Tour checking out their RV for the first time.
Patrick and Derrick greet Angela when she arrives on Extreme.
Kina tells her castmembers good-bye when she's kicked off Extreme.

Random clips:
Shane and Darrell (Campus Crawl) dancing in a club.
The Extreme cast painted in their naked mission.
The Quest in Spain during a mission.
The South Pacific cast doing the tire-flipping, strongman competition.
Susie and Kefla freaking out on the alligator farm mission in Down Under.
Veronica bungee-jumping in the start of Semester at Sea.


Anonymous said...

it's new zealand, not new england

Anonymous said...

I found out the new castmembers who make up the "pit crew."

If you go and google the show 'road rules', the first link is the official link. Underneath it says:

Road Rules 2007: Viewers' Revenge | MTV
Join Abram, Adam, Kina, Shane, Susie, Veronica, Angel, Dan, David, Ivory, Jerry, Kristen, Monte, Tori on MTV's Road Rules 2007: Viewers' Revenge.

So the possible newbie replacements
are Dan, David, Jerry, Angel, Kristen, and Tori

I'm guessing it's legit just because it's the official road rules website. Can't wait for the premiere!!! =)