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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Duel Season Finale: Brad, Jodi, Svetlana, and Wes compete for $300,000 in the final mission

Tonight is the season finale of the Duel. Watch as Brad (San Diego), Jodi (Extreme), Svetlana (Key West) and Wes (Austin) compete for the grand prize of $150,000. To find out who wins tonight, highlight this small passage: Wes and Jodi win the final mission.

Here's a clip for tonight with some behind the scenes footage:


Tonya said...

I thought you guys posted a long time ago that Svetlana and Wes win???

What's up???

It's coming on at 4:30 EST today.

BekahJoy said...

YEAH! Im so glad that they win!!!!!

Anonymous said...

i just saw the episode. they played it for some apparent reason. woo. now i don't have to wait !

Anonymous said...

mtv overdrive already has the after show showing

Anonymous said...

yeah. i can't believe wes is retiring.

Anonymous said...

Hey saw the episode sneak peak that aired at 4:30/3:30 Central and it was awesome. You all were saying how you thought Wes was gonna kill Bradand Jodi was gonna kill Fitzand you guys were right about the Jodi killing Fitz part, but wrong about the Wes Brad Thing. Wes got pretty lucky because if he hadn't won the soccer part, then Brad would of won all the way. Why do you ask because Wes and Jodi got a 2 minute head start. And after that Brad and Wes were neck and neck.
I didn't reaaly like the fact that Wes won because I like Brad better, but I am glad he said "I won and deserved it but there was other people that deserved it too"
instead of sying something cocky.

Really they all won 150k because yeah Wes and Jodi won the cash, but Brad and Fitz won a BMW bike that is Worth $150,000 dollars.

P.S. I think Fitz got chubbier during the last few challenges because she was so exhausted and when she was walking up the hillyou could see that she has some stomach.

Anonymous said...

Its weird how Brad and Svet both won the BMW motorcycle.

I think this is the best one so far, I'm glad that Wes and Jodi won. Theyre not those retread pukes like Veronica, Rachel, and Abram.

Anonymous said...

The BMW motorcycle was only 1200 dollars. (Tj Lavin says "for the girls, you win this 2006 K $1,200 BMW motorcycle.") Read the comment and knew it was wrong about EVERYONE winning $150,00 each. Am positive by the way. Saw the episode when Svetlana won the bike a few seconds ago.

Anonymous said...

A BMW bike is only $1200? Hmm where can I get one? It is the 1200 model. It is worth about $16k.

Anonymous said...

hahahah yea, sorry about that. Did some research. It is worth about 16000. Definitely nowhere near 150000 though. Thanks for the correction though!