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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Viewers Revenge Episode #5: A brutal pit, a failed mission, and a sacrifice

The episode opened up with the Pit featuring Kina (Extreme) and Angel (Viewers Revenge). Both seemed a bit nervous and when the game was revealed, it was pretty evident that it would be no simple task for either competitor to win the game. The game was Scorpion, each castmember had nine tags on their back. While connected by the wrist with their left hand, they would have to attempt to rip off the tags from their competitor's back. The one who successfully ripped off all 9 tags would win.

Within seconds, both girls hit each other in the face, with Kina getting penalized for hitting first. She lost a tag immediately. This seemed not to even faze Kina. Kina kept at it and Angel was having clear difficulty in ripping off her tags. Near the end of the match, Angel attempted to fall on the floor to prevent any more tags getting ripped off, and she even shed a few tears because of the brutality of the Pit. When Kina won, the tension between the two exploded as Kina pulled at the wrist binding to be released, dragging Angel a couple of feet. This sent Angel to scurry off the set, calling Kina a transvestite with super-human strength. Kina went right back to Angel and taunted her for not getting on the RV.

So, Kina's back in the RV. When the group sees her on the side of the road, everyone is completely overjoyed that Kina made it onto the RV again. It looks like that they're really playing the "Viewers" card here, because "reading the blogs" seems to be a mainstay of the episodes now. So go to to check out the blogs. Dan (Viewers Revenge) and Tori (Viewers Revenge) flirt over the blogs, but there seems to be some underlying tension underneath it all.

The group gets their mission to go to Monterrey, CA to go to a racetrack. The presumption is that they'll be driving cars, so everyone is excited. When they arrive in Monterrey, they learn that they'll spend six hours trying to learn how to drive stick and maneuver cars around the track. Kina seems to be especially worried since she doesn't know how to drive stick. By the end of the day, however, most of the cast seems to get a handle on it.

That night, when the group is waiting for Mission Day, Dan thinks about a funeral that he missed. One of Dan's friends who served in the military and died while in combat had a funeral that day. He seems a little distraught over the fact that he just spent the day racing cars around a track. Tori tries to console him, but he just tells Tori to leave him alone.

In the morning, the Roadies find about their mission. They have to drive a complete lap around the race track in less than 2 minutes and 20 seconds. Adam (The Quest) volunteers to head up the team and the Roadies are confident that they'll get the job done. Near the very end of the lap, Dan spins out and the Roadies lose their first mission.

Dan clearly feels responsible for the loss, but the Roadies attribute it to bad luck more than anything, as that could have been any of them. While Dan brings himself up in the nomination process, Susie (Down Under) steps up to the plate and nominates herself to the Pit as a gift to Dan in order for him to enjoy the process of Road Rules. So, Susie is in the Pit and will face another Pit Crew girl this coming Wednesday on MTV


Anonymous said...

Lmfao...Angel has some serious problems what a BITCH!

Anonymous said...

Hey Susie is going against Angel on the Pit, i want Susie to win, but I want to see Angel on the RV to See Kina's Reactions and some good drama.

Anonymous said...

"You're a woman BUT you're freaking strong!"

What?! Being a woman means you can't be strong?! Angel, you're an effing embarrassment.

thursday said...

It's funny how everyone coming down on Angel no one once commented on how Kina called Angel a Bitch first..........