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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Denver Episode #17: The roomies sort stuff out and Colie's relationship ends over the phone

The episode starts out with Alex (Denver) hooking up with Jenn (Denver) right in front of Colie (Denver). Then we get a classic split screen of the two coples having sex. Brett tries to explain to Tyrie (Denver) what went down at LoDo's.

After all is said and done, Jenn and Alex hook up in the shower. Colie gets up and sees them in the shower. The two girls seem split about how Jenn seems to be getting in between Alex and Colie.

Brooke (Denver) goes to lunch with Davis (Denver), Stephen (Denver), and PJ and talks about how she feels better. Brooke mentions that she wanted to swap beds with Alex, but realizes that she won't be able to and will have to sleep in other people's beds.

Meanwhile, Colie tells Corey that she wont talk to Jenn about Alex anymore. They talk about how Jenn uses alcohol as an excuse. The topic then switches to Corey and Colie's long-term relationship status. They're both unsure of the future, especially after they've hooked up with other people.

Brooke calls her mother and tries to rationalize her problems with Colie and Jenn. Her mother tells her to just be open with the both of them, even if she can't stand them. Jenn attributes it to sensitivity and emotional state.

Corey ends up leaving Denver and the two don't really make up their minds about the status of their relationship. Jenn and Brooke patch things up between them, and it surprises Brooke, because she believes that she was still pissed off about the confrontation. Colie tells Tyrie about Alex not saying anything to her. Tyrie heavily discourages anything between the two of them. The two have a somewhat drunken awkward confrontation in the hot tub, with Alex somewhat rejecting Colie's advances. And, finally, Corey breaks up with Colie over the phone.

Next week: Brooke and Davis get in a fight at Outward Bound.


Anonymous said...

just watched the aftershow with colie. watching other cast members like Alex or Brooke on that aftershow make them look a lot better than they do on the RW-show. Colie however is just genuinely a complete NUTJOB , what an idiot !

Anonymous said...

Damn did PJ move in or something? Boy been there for a while now. And it looks like he will still be there come next week's episode. Tyrie was funny when he was talking to Colie. Jenn is 3-0 to

Anonymous said...

What do you think is the percentage of these kids have STD's with all the sex they have?

atl said...

Colie is deluded week after week thinking that she and Alex have some kind of relationship and he wants to make her jealous. COLIE WAKE UP! He has no interest in you, only snogged you the first night when he was drunk. Then he got to know you. NO MORE snogging.

Get over it. And pull that big poof of hair off the side of your head, it looks really like a lopsided beehive.