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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Denver Episode #24: The girls arrive, Brooke triumphs over her fears, the group gets a gift

The episode begins right away with the girls arriving from the Gulf area for the second installment of the Outward Bound training. This is the last thing the roommates have to do for their job, and if last time was any indicator of how things will go, things may not go as smooth as they hope.

During the experience, Brooke (Denver) is challenged to repel down the mountain. She is deathly afraid of repelling down the mountain. However, inspired by overcoming her fears to be an example for the Outward Bound students, Brooke decides to attempt to conquer her fears and repel down the mountain. She succesfully does so and begins to turn around the Outward Bound experience.

Meanwhile, Colie (Denver) pushes herself too hard and she needs to go home to recuperate. She goes home to make sure that she recuperates well and safely. Brooke, Stephen (Denver), and Chris go on a hike to "high camp". The group enconters lightning on the way and has to prepare for a drill. Ashley, a camper with the program, begins to have major trouble breathing. Ashley eventually can't make it on her own, so Chris straps Ashley on her back, and gets her to safety. Brooke and Stephen are left alone.

The students are a bit shaken by the situation, but they get through it. Chris returns and gives the group an update on Ashley. She's fine, the thin air and altitude most likely had an adverse effect. Chris praises Brooke for her good job and this makes Brooke happy. Everything goes well. The trip ends. The group is happy. They sit in a circle and discuss their feelings about Outward Bound. It's all positive. They find out that they get their vacation as a gift for completing Outward Bound.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Brooke is a dumb, worthless cunt. Too bad she didn't fall.

Colie and Jenn are sluts. I bet Alex fucked those teenage girls.

Anonymous said... must have a lot of friends.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I do. Thankfully none of them are like these dumbfucks.

Anonymous said...

Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

Anonymous said...

I missed this episode:O( Where are they going on vacation?? And what happends next week????

Anonymous said...

Because it's not like people on The Real World cuss or anything. omg let me get my bible brb.

Anonymous said...

I kiss your mom with this mouth.