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Friday, April 27, 2007

Rachel was "shocked" about "conspiring" that went on; Jenn might be "Satan"; Susie was "sneaky, but smart"

Rachel (Austin) actually did a video blog over at The Inferno 3 Blog, which is officially sponsored by MTV and is run by Blair (The Quest), a couple of things come up.

Rachel talks about two things after watching the episode. First, she talks about how Susie had approached Colie (Denver) and Paula (Key West) about winning the LifeShield to vote off Rachel. Rachel claims that Susie had asked Rachel the very same favor, hoping to vote off Colie because she didn't take the Challenge seriously enough.

Most of her blog is about how she felt betrayed by her teammates, especially since she went into the Challenge in good faith with her teammates. Then, she talks about Jenn's (Denver) comments after winning the Inferno. If you remember the clip, she says that it feels so much better to win , especially even after it hurts the competitor so much. Rachel believes that Jenn might be Satan.


Anonymous said...

Fuck Susie. She's Satan. Jenn's just a bitch.

Anonymous said...

Boo hoo

Anonymous said...

Fuck Rachel. She thinks she's better than everyone else because she was in the Army (as a nurse, no less. she didn't serve on the frontline or anything.)

What's up with that "chubby civilian" shit? There's nothing wrong with being a civilian, and Rachel is just as fat as Jenn is.

southern girl said...

Susie's a sneaky, underhanded bitch and Rachel only says Jenn's the devil because she lost.

She's the one who called Jenn a "chubby civilian" when Rachel is CLEARLY the fat ass.

Go Jenn!

Anonymous said...

i have to admit.. i hated rachel on realworld austin.. she was annoying as hell and totally pointless in the house. but i did like her while she was on this challenge.. she was really good and i was sad to see her lose to Jenn who is complete trash.

Anonymous said...

Next week, we see Sassy Satan Susie punch Ace in the face! The boys were just teasing the girls... by sneaking in their room and blasting music while they slept. Susie reacts by punching Ace in the face. Um... yeah, way to go Sassy Satan Susie! Ace... of all guys, he is the nicest and most harmless. I would PAY MTV to never allow Susie back on these shows. She is just an idiot who thinks she is ALL THAT!

Anonymous said...

Uhm I highly doubt that Susie punched Ace in the face. That means should would go home. Mr. Real World already posted the spoiler for the final teams.

The final Good Guys team is Alton, Ace, Johnny, Paula, Susie, and Cara. The final Bad Asses ends up as Aneesa, Tonya, Janelle, Derrick, Abe, Evelyn, and Kenny.

Anonymous said...

Ace didn't want to be known as the guy who sent a girl home for punching him. They decided to let her stay... Just watch! They don't send her home... but as the blog said "Drama that involves Ace"... In the trailer that came out before the show started... he said "I've never been hit by a girl before". But hey... if you don't believe me... I don't care.

Anonymous said...

girls will never act like alton.the girl competion is boring and dumb.

Anonymous said...

What the fuck?!? Would you people NOT put spoilers in these blog comments? Jesus.

As for Rachel, I didn't like her in the real world but she didn't deserve getting played by Satan Susie. This episode made me hate her more (aside from her Satan like attitude in Road Rules...)

Anonymous said...

Rachel is a cunt and deserved what she got.

How hilarious that she called Jenn a chubby civilian like there is anything wrong with that? Her fat ass should take a look in the mirror and get her ass off her back before talking shit, and I hate Jenn.

Anonymous said...

What Rachel said about Jenn was the comment of a sore loser but she was still great on the challenge.

Susie is pathetic, instead of trying to prepare for the lifeshield and possibly the Inferno she cops out and trys to save herself thinking only of her and not the team.

The Good Guys are pathetic this year.

Anonymous said...

I agree that Susie seems completely two-faced. She's the type of girl who would smile and say "hi" to any one of her fans, and as soon as you turn your back she'd call you a loser and roll her eyes.
However, unless I missed something when I watched last week, she did win immunity fair and square. If she wanted to vote Rachel in, that was her right. I think what Rachel is upset about is that Susie tries to look sweet and innocent while she's thrusting the dagger into your gut. "Sneaky, but smart" is a very good description of her.