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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Inferno 3 Episode #4: Alton and Susie are the only team to complete the mission; Rachel is out

As the show opens, we see the team rallying around Jenn (Denver) to win the LifeShield. Susie (Australia) decides that she enlists the help of Colie (Denver) and Paula (Key West) to allow her to win the LifeShield. Susie is adamant that sending in Rachel (Austin), the girl powerhouse, would not backfire on their team.

The team gets their clue and they meet TJ to Norhood Peak at Silvermine's Nature Rerserve to play "Wrap and Roll". There's a 50-foot platform raised 1,000 feet above them and they have to wrap and unwrap themselves on the platform. It's a pairs mission in which the girl has to do the work. The team with the fastest combined time to cross the platform wins.

Every single team fails to complete the mission, until Susie and Alton (Las Vegas) step up to do the mission. It looks like they're both pretty concentrated on winning the LifeShield. Susie and Alton come through and win the Challenge, the LifeShield, the prize, and the $10,000.

The Bad Asses start fighting in the van on the ride home about throwing the mission and people sending other people in. Jenn and Susie arrive in the Inferno. Susie chooses Rachel to go into the Inferno. They'll play Ejection, which is hitting a target that tilts a platform which each player is standing on. Once the target is hit three times, that person's target loses.

Rachel wins the first round. Jenn loses the second round because she hit Rachel in the face. Jenn wins the second round. She finds out once that she attacks Rachel and the stick, she can knock her off. Jenn wins the Inferno. Rachel ends up losing and goes behind the stages and is ashamed that she lost.

Rachel ends up leaving without saying goodbye.

Next week: Rope Burn Challenge. Ace (Paris) and John (Key West) come into the girls room late at night, do something, and cause controversy.


Anonymous said...

On her myspace, Rachel said how Susie pulled her aside off camera and told her she was going to try and put Colie into the Inferno. WHAT HAS SUSIE TURNED INTO!?!?!? I don't like it!

Anonymous said...

God was Rachel kidding when she started crying? See ya later Miss Army.

Anonymous said...

Susie is a wolf in sheep's clothing.

She just does a REALLY good job at disguising herself as "Little ole sweet Susie who wouldn't harm a fly"

Yeah Right. Im just glad everyone can see her for what she truly is!

Oh and Rachel is a mental case. I hope she gets help because it is quite clear she has some serious problems.

Anonymous said...

Rachel thinks she's better than everyone else because she was in the Army. "chubby civilian girl" - that insult really showed what a stupid cunt she is. Plus, she's just as fat as Jenn is so she shouldn't be talking.

Anonymous said...

"Jenn loses the second round because she hit Rachel in the face. Jenn wins the second round."

Okay, that doesn't make sense. How can Jenn win AND lose the second round?

Anonymous said...

Jenn cheated. She must have been sucking TJ off for him to not DQ her.

Anonymous said...

Susie is someone I liked but between this and Road Rules, ugh.

I can't believe Rachel was in the Army. How would she react when her fellow soldiers were dying around her? No way she'd survive combat.

Anonymous said...

She was a nurse. It's not like she was in the battlefield.

Anonymous said...

Rachel crying reminded me when I was 5yrs old another kid took her ball and then called her a fat civilian & ran home sobbing . get therapy!

Irish said...

Susie comes off as this sweet girl and she really is a snake in disguise. How she pulled that off and got Rachel to go in was really sneaky. She is someone people should keep there eye on and like Rachel said I hope she can sleep at night after stabbing people in the back like that.

For Rachel I hope this serves as a wake up call not to be so trusting. After getting stabbed in the back a few times unfortunately you will come to realize this. Sorry you had to learn the hard way. Susie you should be ashamed of yourself.