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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Sydney Episode #9: The job episode and Trisha irks her roommates

Last night's episode began with the castmembers getting a package from Contiki. Contiki is a worldwide travel agency that sets up tours, packages, etc, typically for young travelers. The package doesn't inform them what they will be doing, but the girls seem to be really excited, but the boys seem to be pessimistic. While Dunbar (Sydney) complains that the girls will complain about trivial things like the weather, Cohutta (Sydney) makes the statement that none of the girls have had a real job as Trisha (Sydney) buys clothes for other people, Parisa (Sydney) is a professional student, Shauvon (Sydney) writes sex stories, and Kelly Anne (Sydney) does nothing.

On the day of the job, Parisa wakes up the house, visibly excited for the job. Dunbar gets upset as she ruined his mojo for the day. When getting ready, Parisa belts out a rendition of Amazing Grace in the shower. Meanwhile, Trisha (Sydney) starts trashing Parisa in front of Dunbar, and Dunbar agrees.

Later on, Parisa made breakfast for the cast prior to them going out. In the car, Dunbar vents his frustrations, saying that he was pissed that Parisa woke him up and believes that she's being too "maternal" in cooking for the group. Isaac (Sydney) and Cohutta disagree, but do agree that Dunbar needs to calm down.

Then they get their job assignment. The cast is responsible for making a two-day itinerary for Sydney. They have to scour the city to find the best attractions, dining, and lodging to take groups of tourists on. If their itinerary is accepted, they become travel guides for their tour. (The group was indeed spotted as travel guides.)

The group then goes on their first day at the job. Dunbar is driving and Parisa is in the front seat. The two bicker, but Dunbar seems to genuinely care about Parisa as a friend when the two are alone in the car. The relationship between the two seems strained. During lunch, Dunbar wants to drink, so Trisha volunteers to drive home.

Isaac, Kelly Anne and Cohutta decided to take a cab home because of it, but Trisha drives home in an almost comical manner. Dunbar, although buzzed, is seriously concerned about the multi-tasking Trisha attempts to pull off while driving.

Later on, the girls have a girls talk. The main subject of the night: the boys. It seems the girls are frustrated that the boys cause as much drama in the house as the girls, but the boys claim to have no part in it. While the girls are outrightly confrontational, the boys talk behind everyone's back. While everyone agrees, Trisha begins listing things that Dunbar said about Parisa. Amongst them: That Parisa sounds like a fake Christina Aguilera and that Parisa only cooks for the boys because she wants to hang out with them.

This hurts Parisa. The next morning, she confronts Dunbar who vehemently denies ever saying either statement. Although, earlier in the episode, we did see him agreeing with Trisha's bashing on her singing and his complaining about her cooking in the car. Dunbar does seem sincere that he truly believes Parisa is his friend and not Trisha. She seems to accept what Dunbar tells her, so she asks Isaac and Cohutta the same question, to which they also deny ever happened.

Later on, Parisa confronts Trisha and Trisha also "gets pissed" that Dunbar would deny those allegations. While the episode doesn't provide any resolution, it seems like tension is building in the house and it seems like the house will soon implode on itself.


Anonymous said...

i always love when they start their new job!

Melanie said...

Now the true colors are being revealed and as expected, Trisha is faker than fake. Lovely!

Anonymous said...

I heard a rumor about her being kicked off the show for hitting Parisa!

I went on the Contiki Tours website, looks pretty cool and Dunbar is a dumba$$.

Anonymous said...

dumbro is so unattractive inside/out w/all that anger and being cruel to the girls.i hope ct punches him out in some challenge.

Anonymous said...

i love ct i would suck his cock FUCK YALL HATERS IM INVISISBLE TO U HATAS FUCK U DUNBAR jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjji love ct im so driunk sfunk drunk i am wasted cock suicking easter

Anonymous said...

of course CT would kill Dunabar...he's always succesful fighting against people who are weaker than him. Pussy.

Leechy said...

Trisha is doing a horrible job portraying her christian purity, maybe she is battling her demons ahahahaha

Anonymous said...

TRASHA is such a Christian. A SELF RITEOUS bitch is more like it. let me ask you this...would a good Christian ridicule a McDonald's worker, tell someone to buy a personality, hit someone, cheat on their boyfriend, drink???? All the while telling her roommates how wrong they are for going to a gay mardi gras. Hypocrite. FAke. UGLY UGLY Her sucky personality wipes away all her outward appearance.

Anonymous said...

Trisha, is a fake ass bitch and needs to shut the fuck up. i wish Parisa would have beat the shit out of her. That sorry slut really needs it.