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Monday, July 15, 2002

Battle of the Sexes pay-off bigger; Puck brags about being casted; Shane posts his phone number

Hello! Here's the new news for Monday!

Today, we got an interesting rumor on Battle of the Sexes. Long, long ago, sites were reporting that Bunim-Murray was going to do a "new kind" of challenge, bringing so many more contestants into the mix and upping the ante, by increasing the prize money by $290,000 more than what was offered on the first Challenge. Well, when news of that broke... Puck of the San Francisco season was said to be on the first Battle, making HUGE waves, and being amongst the first to be kicked off. Well, those rumors turned out to be FALSE.

However, we got news from a source in Sacramento who says Puck was on the Kidd Chris Show (93.7 KXOA) bragging that he was getting paid a whole lot of money to be on the next challenge, which would be filmed in Jamaica. Sound kinda weird? Getting payed to be on a challenge right? Well, no... Not really. Back at the Real World Reunion 2000 the Real Worlders protested against BMP to get pay increases for their services (they get jack crap after the initial payment for their story rights.). BMP gave into their demands back then and story rights to the challenges cost big money with disgruntled cast members from the past. (Don't worry... I'm sure MTV can afford it.) So, look for Puck to hit Battle of the Sexes coming soon! Here's the link to the Kidd Chris Show... which UNFORTUNATELY says nothing about Puck.

Also, Shane from Campus Crawl went literally psycho before he left for the Challenge... He posted something CRAZY on the message boards. He posted the numbers: 11544799. These are the numbers in his phone number, but he's also omitted one number. He also says that his area code is 919 and the last number (the one he omitted) is either 3,4,5,6,7, or 8. Funny guy. He challenges the true fan to make that phone call to him... Although he's in Jamaica right now... so he wouldn't recieve your phone call. Contact us if you break the code...

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