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Sunday, July 14, 2002

Las Vegas cast is cavorting with celebrities; Road Rules cast meets up with Vegas cast; Partial cast list of Challenge revealed

Hello! Hello! Interesting updates today...

According to several Las Vegas news sources, Las Vegas had plenty of close calls with famous celebrities. Most notably, the cast hooked up with bands O-town, who was at their closing party. A source reports that the cast was once seen partying on camera with model Tyra Banks and beau Sacramento Kings star Chris Webber, at ghostbar in the Palms. Will we see it? Who knows?

Also, there were reports in the Las Vegas Review Journal, that Road Rules 11 was in Vegas. Apparently, according to E-online's Wanda, they literally hooked up with the Real World cast. We do know that the Roadies end their southern trip with a four-day stay in mid-April running through Las Vegas, and apparently UNLV.

And as we promised, here is the updated information from the challenge... A table of who's on, who's not. More information will come soon as more people will be voted off the challenge.


Eric Nies (New York)
Puck Rainey (San Francisco)
Niel Forrester (London)
Malik Cooper (Back to New York)
Mark Long (USA -- Tour 1)
Timmy Beggy (USA -- Tour 2) host?
James Orlando (Maximum Velocity Tour)
Blair (The Quest)
Shane Landrum (The Campus Crawl)


Becky Blasbland (New York) host?
Amaya Brecher (Hawaii)
Ruthie Alcalade (Hawaii)
Melissa Howard (New Orleans)
Julie Stoffer (New Orleans)
Lori Trespicio (Back to New York)
Keri Evans (Chicago)
Tonya Cooley (Chicago)
Cara Nussbaum (Chicago)
Emily (USA -- Tour 2)
Ellen Cho (The Quest)

Also, I want to notify everyone of the cool features to the left... There is the RW/RR quotes, RW/RR classic moments, and the RW/RR casting tidbits. The quotes are over 250+ and are growing day by day. Some have been long-lasting, others funny, some serious. It's just coot to look at them. We only have about 50 moments listed, but those consist of some of the most memorable moments of both series. If you have any you want to submit, contact They are both updated on a daily basis. Also, since the majority of emails that we recieve is about CASTING... We decided to list some helpful tips from other sites. We are not in charge of casting, so don't send us e-mails about yourself and how much you want to be on the show. HOWEVER, if you do have questions, feel free to email us at and we will answer it as soon as possible!

Thanks everyone! Have a lovely, nice day!
Road Rules episode tomorrow!

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