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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Denver Episode #23: Davis pisses off all the girls, especially Brooke, starts World War III

Davis (Denver) was the intense subject of scrutiny last night, as he let his mouth run a little longer than it ever should have. The episode opens out with Brooke (Denver) being all lovey-dovey with Davis. The two flirt, the two are friends. Awww.

So, the next night, Jenn (Denver) and Davis are drinking at the bar and Davis tells Jenn that Colie (Denver) is plain, Brooke has a double chin, and Jenn needs to lose about 10 pounds. Although Jenn is angry, she doesn't reveal her anger right away.

Instead, Jenn goes directly to Colie and Brooke, and tells them what he said. Jenn and Colie get upset, but Jenn doesn't tell either her or Brooke what Davis said. Brooke begins to dwell on it.

Meanwhile, Tyrie (Denver) is wrapping things up with Jazalle. He decided to take a "detox" from Jazalle and she keeps questioning the status of their relationship. Eventually, Tyrie gets tired of it and decides to break it off. Now, apparently, he can leave the stress behind and bring in "Darc Kent".

Brooke's parents come into town and she tells them about what's going on with Davis. Davis is extremely nice and cordial to her parents, which leads them to have a conversation about the possibility of Brooke confronting Davis about what he said.

Brooke decides to confront Davis, but decides to do so at a club, where they are both drunk. Davis tells Brooke the truth of what he says, and this sends Brooke off the deep end. Brooke runs home while crying, freaks out by throwing stuff in the house and screaming at the top of her lungs. She tops it off by writing a note on Davis' bed telling him to burn in hell. They are still both drunk by the way.

The two cool off, and the next day, they work out their problems and semi-apologize to each other, but it looks like the two are friends once again.


Anonymous said...

Davis is such a prick and he can't seem to keep his mouth shut. Even next week he has to mention to Jared exactly how much of a ho that Jenn has been. Davis is just a nasty mean little person.

Anonymous said...

Who the hell does he think he is? You don't say that to a woman! How incredibly rude.

Anonymous said...

Where can I find the video of her freaking out? It reminded me of my boss who is nuts and I NEED to show my co-wokers. Hahahahah!

Anonymous said...

Brooke is a psycho who needs some sort of medical attention. I can't wait till she gets on the Challenge and the vets tell her how it is.

Anonymous said...

I think Brooke and Jen paid CT to punch Davis.

Anonymous said...

i dont know who is more fucked up davis or brooke..i mean they both have serious issues..davis has the biggest mouth in history, theres been like 10 episodes where he goes and tells someone something that another person said about them..its ridiculous, reminds me of a 4th grader. and brooke, ohh brooke! shes out of control..if you are 23 years old(assuming, idk how old she really is) and you react like that, then you need some type of help. also, tyrie definitly has anger issues and he should be happy that him pushing jazelle was on the show because it should have opened his eyes to his very forceful ways, stephen is just blah..brings nothing to the table..and jenn is fun to watch, shes entertaining and alex and collie are interesting sometimes

Anonymous said...

Davis is a BITCH!!! Only bitches run their mouth and gossip like that... And Brooke, well everyone knows that bitch is PSYCHO. My God, aren't there normal people anyomre?!