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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Beth S. defends Susie, criticizes the game, and points fingers at production on her MySpace

Beth S. (Los Angeles) has been intermittently posting on her MySpace about this season of Road Rules: Viewers Revenge.

First, she calls the altercation between Tori (Viewers Revenge) and David (Viewers Revenge) a little contrived. She makes a good point, as both of them were clearly ready to confront the other when they both got on the RV. She also mentions that you look at the faces of Adam (The Quest) and Derek (Viewers Revenge) in the background if you TIVO the episode. (They laugh some, but nothing huge.)

She also comes to the aid of Susie (Australia) saying that Susie blew up at David because she was coming to the defense of her close friend Tori. But she also acknowledges that Susie has definitely been playing the game, as she has resigned herself to the fact that this trip is antithetical to what a Road Rules experience should be like.

Finally, she brings up what may be the common theme of this season. This season, production has been constantly shifting the rules and things are up in the air pretty much every episode. Beth mentions that in the last episode, the cast were carrying cake and milk in their go-karts, which is why they failed the mission. She claims they omitted this to make the remaining alumni look bad. She also claims that they made this last BMX mission impossible to send 1/3 of the cast into the Pit, so they could change up things in the RV. The tide has definitely turned against the alumni, who once enjoyed immense popularity from the fans at home. Is production actually at fault?


Anonymous said...

Production is at fault. They are ruining Road Rules. I had such high hopes when it was announced that Road Rules was returning...but I don't even bother watching this season.

If I were one of the alumni, I would be pissed about accepting to be on this season. Thank god for Inferno 3. That's all I'm saying.

Anonymous said...

Production is at fault for the changing rules, but not for the asshole behavior of it's cast. Susie is a bitch, and Kina has always been one. Adam sucks. Beth is just pissed because these people are the ones she supported from the very beginning with her idiotic myspace commentary. STFU Beth.

Anonymous said...

listen, mtv definitly fucked up this season of road rules, its way to chaotic for anyone to enjoy watching..its all about manipualtion and backstabbing when it used to be about teamwork and trust. this whole new concept will put road rules back on hiatus, and im serious. i would rather watch the most boring real world 100 times over again before i ever watch this season of road rules, another thing is that the pit crew people were horribly casted, i mean honestly, lets say that it was a normal road rules and they were the 6 ppl picked..the show would be just as bad!!

Anonymous said... Is this Tonya's myspace or is this one??
It really is confusing. With so many fakes out there you really do not know. I ask this because Beth mentioned something about tonya's myspace.

Anonymous said...

The first one is Tonya's official myspace. The second one is a fraud.