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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Denver Episode #23: Post your reactions here

Tonight's episode of the Real World: Denver shows Davis (Denver) on the warpath, somehow insulting his three female housemates. The previews show Davis directly criticizing Jenn (Denver) and indirectly criticizing Brooke (Denver). We see Brooke go off the deep end. Not good for Davis. Tyrie (Denver) also seems to be reaching a boiling point with Jazalle.

Post your reactions in the comment section. Episode airs at 10PM.


Anonymous said...

Brooke is insane! She goes off the deep end just because Davis doesn't think that she's the most beautiful girl in the world? He's gay Brooke, why would you care what he thinks? You can't get him. Oh well, now that Brooke got those enormous fake boobs after the show, no one will be looking at her face anyway!

Anonymous said...

Brooke is CRAZY!!! She really is insane just because Davis doesn't thinks shes perfect.. but i guess she really took it personal and got those DDD implants

Anonymous said...

brooke is fucking insane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

i love brooke... she makes denver stand out

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

lmao !!!! broke is crazy !!!! cucu bannanas !

Anonymous said...

lmao !

Anonymous said...

Brooke has some serious mental issues. It's surprising that her parents, both psychologists, have yet to talk about these severe anger problems. She really needs to be on some type of medication. I bet she feels really fucking stupid after seeing this episode.

Anonymous said...

She is kinda ugly. I can see what Davis was saying. Jenn is fat too. Colie is kinda ugly as well. There really aren't any pretty girls on this season.

Anonymous said...

Brooke is really fucking ugly. She has a pig face. Droopy cheeks and a double chin.

I think it's hilarious that Jenn and Brooke got mad at Davis when they were the ones who fucking asked him about it in the first place.

Anonymous said...

Tyrie is a moronic asshole. He needs to attend some anger management classes. He preyed on Gazelle cuz she's a weak, emotionally-fucked girl. Tyrie just wants a girl that he can fuck at will and beat up on. Disgusting. Can't wait till he gets his ass kicked.

Anonymous said...

I have to come to Brooke's defense - she did not get upset over what Davis said but she got upset over the fact that Davis talked shit about her. Especially when all this time he has been telling her that she is beautiful and perfect and that he respects her so much and loves her and whatnot. He lied to her and backstabbed her - there is no excuse for that. You don’t go around and tell these kinds of things about people behind their back. (And especially to their face like how he did to Jenn. Wtf?)

This is not about Brooke wanting attention Davis' complete attention or about Brooke being insane, no, this is about Brooke having her feelings hurt by her supposed “best friend” who has “had her back” since day one. No matter what Davis thinks or feels, there is no excuse for him to go around trying to hurt other people’s feelings and say things he knows will only cause trouble. Why else did he say that? There was no reason or justification for his action.

Davis is just a bitch that not only thinks he is perfect but also likes to gossip about other people‘s mistakes/problems. Why did he say that about the girl’s looks? Why would he snitch to Stephen that Tyrie had said he was “white washed”? Why would he tell Jared that Jenn hooked up with Alex twice? Why would he tell Jenn what Alex said about her father when he knew that would only hurt both Jenn and Alex? Why would he call Tyrie a nigger? If anyone has issues, I think it’s Davis that does. I have lost all respect I had for him after seeing all these episodes.

Anonymous said...

Since you're the same bitch who always comes in here defending that psychotic piece of shit Brooke because you two "share the same psychosis!!!!", your opinion is null and void.

Brooke is mental and it really disgusts me that Bunim and Murray put her on the show because they knew this bitch would garner ratings. She needs to be in an asylum, not some national tv show. She acted a fucking fool. Screaming and going into Davis' room and breaking his shit and throwing all that shit around. Writing him some weak ass note because she's passive aggressive as hell and can't handle the truth. If she didn't want to hear what Davis said about her, maybe she shouldn't have fucking asked him. Same with Jenn (and I quote: "So, what do you think about ME?!"

Then to top it off, Brooke is passed out in the closet and stares at the ceiling while Colie is trying to talk to her; then sits up and says that she would kill Davis with her bare hands. Fucking nutcase. She needs a good slap in the face, some valium, and a nice, padded room.

Anonymous said...

there is no excuse for her to run around and destroy objects that are owned by the production (remember when wes had to pay for the chairs he destroyed?)

she was beyond being pissed off. that look in her eye when she threatened davis' LIFE, was full-on rage and a sign that she needs some sort of psychiatric help.

everyone has had friends that fuck them over or say something WHEN THEY'RE DRUNK AS HELL. everyone has said something about someone else's appearence. brooke's issues go beyond a friend making fun of her.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Since you're the same bitch who always comes in here defending that psychotic piece of shit Brooke because you two "share the same psychosis!!!!", your opinion is null and void. --- Anonymous 9:08 PM


Hi, I'm new. I don't have any mental problems.. but nice to meet you too.

She acted a fucking fool. Screaming and going into Davis' room and breaking his shit and throwing all that shit around. Writing him some weak ass note because she's passive aggressive as hell and can't handle the truth. If she didn't want to hear what Davis said about her, maybe she shouldn't have fucking asked him. --- Anonymous 9:08 PM

In case you haven't watched the After Show, Brooke explained that she was very drunk that night after drinking so much. That doesn't completely justify her behavior yet you also have to take into consideration all the other factors that would lead a person to that state of mind: She is living in a house with six complete strangers, one of which she trusted as her best friend and had just backstabbed her by pointing out her physical flaws; She is a very sensitive person that, yes, does need medical help and has to learn how to deal with all her anxiety problems and her hypersensitivity issues; She felt isolated and alienated by her other roommates who didn’t have anything in common with her and obviously cannot help her (or begin to understand why she reacts the way she does) with her mental disorder problems; Brooke has had issues with people backstabbing her and treating her like shit in the past and that incident brought back many emotions from those past problems.

She confronted Davis and asked him what he had said about her because Brooke cared about him and didn’t want to ruin their friendship. I highly doubt she was so anxious and excited about having to hear the bad things he had said about her and for her taking that step and wanting to get the issue resolved really shows a lot of her.

Davis should have never said anything. Period.

Anonymous said...

Brooke is what, 21-24?

She's an adult. If her mental disorders prevent her from functioning like a normal human being, she needs to get professional help instead of coming onto a reality show.

These people aren't strangers to each other anymore. I'd imagine a good two or three months have gone by since moving in and most people can get a good feel of someone by then. If Davis and Brooke were supposedly "best friends" and at least comfortable enough to sleep in bed naked, then I'm sure they knew quite a lot about each other. Brooke should've known that Davis is very honest. Other than that, she should know, as should any other person with common sense, that it's not really a good time to talk to someone while they are flat out smashed.

She asked Davis what he thought about her after Jenn had to open her mouth about it. So Davis told her.

No one is helping her by letting her go on the way they have. ie. screaming, crying, generally freaking out, breaking things she doesn't own, threatening people's lives, ect. She's obviously not on any medicine or else MTV would've shown that to add to the "this chick is crazy" effect. I hope they at least referred her to a psychiatrist.

It's almost comical that she has two psychologists as parents. Apparently the standards for what one has to do to get a PHD in the US has gone down considerably because they seem completely oblivious to their own daughter's deeply-rooted emotional issues.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I agree she needs professional help. You cannot go around thrashing an entire room and leaving death notes to someone because they are too blunt and immature. What I was saying wasn’t trying to justify her problems but merely trying to help you understand a side of Brooke you are not willing to see because you, apparently, just labeled her as a “psychotic piece of shit.” I am in no way whatsoever saying that Brooke is fine and perfectly stable. She really does need help to learn how to control those feelings she has. It’s okay to be who you are, but it is not okay to explode that way.

As for her parents - I have to disagree that they didn't help her or haven't tried. If you notice carefully, you'll see that Brooke is letting out her feelings by screaming instead of keeping them all bottled up. She went into a room by herself and she let out some of her pressure building up inside her. Her parents must have taught her that, it’s that’s one of the ways people can release stress from inside them. Not the best way, obviously, but still works nonetheless. Plus, it’s not the same when a patient and the professional are close. Yes, her parents are professionals but since they are her parents they would act as parents and not as Psychologists. It’s hard to explain why it wouldn’t work but she definitely needs to see a Psychiatrist.

And if you haven't noticed, MTV is full of "crazy people": Paula (Key West), CT (Paris), etc. Brooke isn't a special case.

Overall summary: Davis is a bitch. Brooke needs help.

Anonymous said...

Did she have some major facework done? In her commentary shots, her face looks totally different!! It looks like she had some chin lipo, eye lift, maybe some rhinoplasty! Maybe with the boobs they came as a deal! Poor girl, she must have been through some serious shit. Or maybe she is bipolar or something.

Anonymous said...

Brooke is nuts but Davis is also a little back stabbing, gossipy little bitch. I don't know why anyone would want a friend like him.

Anonymous said...

9:25-Haha, 9:08 was talking about me! The fact that he or she is still dwelling on this is hilarious since I haven't posted about Brooke since the last time we fought on here. I'm not going to try to defend her anymore because of the lack of understanding from all the "normal" people on this blog.

And the best part is, when I read your comment, I KNEW 9:08 was going to say it was me! LOL, they really need to get a life. Oh man, that made my day.

Anonymous said...

They need to get a life yet you keep talking about it.

Just admit that you enjoy all the attention.

Anonymous said...

4:01 is such an ass beelonker. shut da fuck up.

Anonymous said...

Okay, see, this isn't fair at all. I have kept my mouth shut this entire time, just reading the comments and not saying anything. I haven't posted until now. No, I do not like the attention. In fact, I hate it. What you did was embarrassing to me (it wasn't even me in the first place) and I did nothing to deserve that. This is the problem with anonymous comments.

DO NOT assume that someone who is defending Brooke is me. That is completely unfair to me. I will not say anything on the Real World entries-that's what I had previously been doing-so if someone happens to say something in Brooke's defense, THAT IS NOT ME.

If you still see something wrong with that, I don't know what else you want me to do.

Anonymous said...

that bitch is fucking crazy. the more people point it out, the more she'll feel obliged to seek help. It looked like some fucking "girl interrupted/kill bill" shit when she said she was going to kill davis with her bare hands. Everything Brooke does looks like a professional movie shot, only she's unfortunately not acting.

Oh, and "Brooke needs to see a psychologist" is the most ironic/funniest damn thing ever. Does anyone else think that her parents' credibility as psychologists will be thrown out the window? Spending all of your time trying to help others while neglecting your own child? Give me a break!