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Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Philadelphia's timeslot given to the VMAs; Extreme will soon end; Battle of the Sexes 2 to begin

For those of you who were smitten by the Philadelphia cast in last night's episode, you're going to have wait two weeks until you see a Real World episode. Even though the VMAs officially air this Sunday night, MTV took the Tuesday timeslot next week and gave it to a replay of the VMAs. The first episode airs September 7.

As for filming, there are no Real World or Road Rules series that are currently filming. Xtreme, which was filmed earlier this year, will end its run in the next two months. The next challenge, Battle of the Sexes 2 which filmed in Galisteo, NM last month, will begin airing on MTV following the end of Road Rules.

As for future seasons of Real World and Road Rules, the sixteenth season of The Real World had officially begun casting last month. There is no official word as of yet as to which city hosts number sixteen, but previous contenders have been known to include Sydney, Washington DC, Austin, Boulder, Atlanta and Knoxville. Road Rules XIV should begin filming alongside Real World XVI, although no official comment has come from BMP about the next season of Road Rules. And there was talk about another Challenge to be filmed immediately following Battle of the Sexes 2, but no move has been made by BMP and production has been pushed back indefinitely. That being said, there probably will not be much info made available about new seasons within the next few months.

And time for some alumni news: Cara (South Pacific) will be joining the ranks of such alumni as Beth (Los Angeles), Flora (Miami), Veronica (Semester at Sea), Jisela (The Quest), Katie (The Quest), Arissa (Las Vegas), Trishelle (Las Vegas) and Marybeth (South Pacific) as the latest girl to pose in Playboy magazine. However, Cara will get a special spot in the magazine as she will be Playboy's Miss October and will get the chance to be Playboy's Playmate of the Year. Beth, Flora, Veronica and Jisela were a part of a special feature of the magazine, while Katie, Arissa and Trishelle all took part in a DVD.(which is available in our store) Marybeth posed for the online magazine. Cara would mark the first time as an alumni making it as a Playboy centerfold. Congratulations to Cara!

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