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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Launch Special: The alumni meet the pit crew and Road Rules finally returns to the airwaves

The following is a recap of the Road Rules: Viewers' Revenge Launch Special that has not yet aired at its normal time at 9PM PST. If you don't want to read the review, please skip this post.

Susie Castillo brings us back to the TRL studios where they filmed the Launch Special "reunion style" with the cast around a couch. She introduced Kina (Extreme), Abram (South Pacific), Veronica (Semester at Sea), Shane (Campus Crawl), Adam (The Quest) and Susie (Down Under.

Then there's this huge montage of the six alumni showing them at their own seasons.

Susie asks them after seeing the footage, what do they think of the trip. Susie thinks that it's time to get Road Rules back.

Susie then addresses some past conflicts with the alumni. Susie and Kina butted heads on the Gauntlet 2. The two are ready to start fresh and they're excited to get to know each other in new circumstances.

Susie then brings up the sexual tension between Abram and Veronica in the Gauntlet where they hooked up in the shower with Rachel (Campus Crawl). Veronica says been there, done that.

Now, the rules: There are 6 alumni, 8 "pit crew" members. After the first mission, a guy and girl are nominated by the cast. The viewers then choose who of the two are going in the elimination round. They choose a person from one

David, 20 (Kansas City, Mo)
He's going to freak everyone out real bad, because he's crazy. He mentions something about not going to college.

Susie: He seems great.
Veronica: His farts would smell.
Adam: He looks fit.
Abram: ...or thick.
Adam: You got to think of space on the RV.

Ivory, 22 (Brooklyn, NY)
She will be the top girl. Everyone wants to be her partner. She will be the wild, unattainable person. If she'd hook up with anybody, she'd school Kina. She would give it to Kina real good.

Kina: She's intense.
Shane: He likes her.
Susie: If they were going into the elimination round, she would be distracted by Kina.

Then they introduce the host of Road Rules, Drew Bell, in Los Angeles at the Elimination Arena in Los Angeles, which they are still constructing.

(Time for some montages of past seasons:)

Best Hookups

Flash of Adam (The Quest) flirting with Ellen (The Quest)
The Extreme cast looks on as Patrick (Extreme) hooks up with Jillian (Extreme)
Kit (USA Tour 1) kisses Mark (USA Tour 1) in New Orleans
Darrell (Campus Crawl) dancing in the club with Rachel (Campus Crawl)
Dan (Northern Trail) and Tara (Northern Trail) caught kissing in the ocean

Best Fights
Belou (Europe) and Antoine (Europe) fight at breakfast
Abe (Latin America) and Gladys (Latin America) fight over Abe's hookup with Susie (Australia)
Donell (South Pacific) gets hit by Abram (South Pacific)
Jisela (The Quest) screams at Adam (The Quest)
The Extreme RV gets hit as Derrick (Extreme) is driving

Next, they keep introducing new castmembers.

Jerry, 22 (Fresno, CA)
He loves girls that he can't have. All he needs is a wakeboard, surfboard, and snowboard.

Abram: I look forward to competing with him.
Shane: He won't have trouble picking up women. He's hot. He's excited about Jerry.

Kristin, 24 (Saline, MI)
She's the worst person to fight with. She's little, but there's a lot of competition in her.

Veronica: She doesn't sound believable when she says she's a bitch. We all can take her.
Susie: She would like to go against her because she feels like they're both underestimated.

Angel, 22 (Springfield, PA)
Her hair stuff alone would take up the RV. Vote for her because she's competitive and share the money with America.

Susie: She's a little too high maintainence

Tori, 19 (Midlothian, VA)
She's Teen Miss Virgnia. She cheered competively. She's not living life for anyone else. She runs the show.

Shane: She's fu($ing hot.
Adam: Who wants to date a pageant queen?
Veronica: She seems nice, everyone seem nice. She doesn't care to have any of them on their team.
Abram: He's looking forward to kicking the living daylights out of everyone.

LaMonte, 20 (Decatur, GA)
He's in a dance company and it's a great workout. He has an extensive tie collection. Don't see him as cocky, he has confidence, just give him a chance.

Abram: He's athletic. He's in a dance troupe. He's agile.
Adam: He might go enroll himself in the dance class.

Dan, 23 (St. Louis, MO)
He's a professional wrestler and a US Marine. He's been in Iraq. His heroes are Edgar Allen Poe and Dane Cook.

Susie: Dan makes her nervous. He's so intense.
Shane: If he faces him, he just wants him to throw him around.

Out of the eight people, Veronica is not scared of any of them. Adam is scared of LaMonte and losing to him. Susie then asks them about saying these things to their face. And then introduces the "Pit Crew".

(Even more montages of past seasons)

LaMonte and Adam exchange words. Ivory meets Kina and doesn't give a &$*# about what Kina said and she'll look at her. Angel is pissed about the hair products. Kristin is little, but mighty. Then Abram gives a little word about mental over physical.

Tori tells Adam that she's not fake and Adam confesses to not knowing what he said. David wants Abram to unleash the Donell-fury. LaMonte wants Adam. Jerry also wants Adam. Dan wants to compete against Abe. Dan outright calls Veronica the devil.

Check out for videos and profiles of the cast.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Seriously the alumni look and sound hold as hell. I mean im happy to see them again but it just seems like there not themselves. They matured to much, which is good for them, but bad for us.

The pit crew seems ok just over cocky which might be fun to watch.