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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Road Rules: Viewers' Revenge Launch Special airs tonight; Adam might have seen RV yesterday

Tonight, the Road Rules Viewers' Revenge Launch Special airs tonight. Although it's not an "official episode", this just means that there's another week until Road Rules is finally back after a long absence.

Adam (The Quest) mentioned last weekend that he'd be gone to do some filming for the new season. In a second post on Monday, he also mentions that he's now back from filming interviews and that he might have got a chance to see the RV yesterday in the Hollywood Hills.

If you're in the RV area, keep your eye out for the infamous horns! The following is the trailer for the show. MTV is airing the afternoon sneak at 4:30pm, and the episode officially airs at 9:00pm, but check your local listings.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Can someone tell me about Veronica, I have no idea who she is.I started watching the show when the Gauntlet 2 aired. All I know is that she is so hot.

Has the camera ever shown her in a bathing suit and how does she look?

Is She A Bitch?

Who are her allies except for Rachel and Shane?

Who are her enemies?

Has she ever been close to a fight?

Is She Good at the challenges?

How old is she?

And I have never watched A season of Road Rules so how is the elimation round played?

Anonymous said...

1. she was in playboy, what do you think? On this particular season road rules probably ab since she did have a threesome w/ him.

2. Everyone else.

3. With Julie and Katie. It was great tv. lol

4. She's very pursuasive and can talk her way out of everything...

5 Check out her myspace. She has to be atleast 30 or near it.

6. This season of RR is going to be totally different so I have no idea... You're guess is as good as mine.

Anonymous said...

Veronica is a manipulative cunt that makes the jobs of editors really easy. For her, they don't have to cut up and overlap to make it seem like she says dumb shit cuz she actually DOES. She makes for good TV, but that's about it.

Veronica and Rachel are the fugliest Road Rulers EVER. Just because they fucked some dude in Playboy doesn't mean they're hot. Playboy has ugly chicks.

Anonymous said...

1. Why do you guys say she's a slut?

2. She isn't ugly

3. does anyone know where I could get her playboy pictures?

Anonymous said...

Can anyone tell me about the whole

Anonymous said...

What Do you Guys think about these Road Ruler couples? Just say which would be the best and why?

1. Derrick and Veronica

2. Mark And Veronica

3. Derrick and Katie

4. Jodi and Danny

5. Dan and Shane

6. Derrick and Kina

7. Derrick and Katie

8. Susie and Cara

9. Darrel and Cara

10. Timmy and Susie

Anonymous said...

I never saw Road Rules either and I was wondering about the whole Abram Veronica thing because I saw the Launch episode.

Lastly how big of an ass and tits does she have?



Not bad
Or Great

Anonymous said...

wow we have horny 14 yr olds.

Anonymous said...

this isn't a porn site. so yea

btw, she IS the DEVIL