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Monday, January 22, 2007

CT and Diem are at Sundance together and will throw their own party on Wednesday

CT (Paris) and Diem (Fresh Meat) are both at the Sundance Festival this week. Sundance is the premiere festival in Utah where independent filmmakers and actors go to reveal their films to the world.

The two were spotted at Sienna Miller's party at the Green House. If you're wondering why they're holding bottles of crap, it's because the party was sponsored by the people who make whatever they're holding. Jeremy Sisto and Teri Hatcher were among the stars who were also at the party. In those two pictures, CT is with Kelly Virgulto and Diem is with Jami Miller (Entourage, Bones).

The pair are actually promoting their own party which is being held on Wednesday (for Diem's foundation, maybe?), but not word on if any other castmembers will be in Park City this week to help out the lovebirds' efforts.


Anonymous said...

CT looks like a junkie in that picture. Get a haircut!

audgepodge said...

Diem looks cute in her new hair style!

Anonymous said...

Nope. Her WIG looks like shit. Just like all her other ones. I mean, what is that hot pink and fire engine red bullshit? She thinks that just because CT is screwing that loose, rotted pussy that she can subject the public to such horror? Fuck off.

Anonymous said...

That is her real hair and not a wig. Try Again.......... I've seen the same episodes as you and I don't get why you call her loose? They all have hooked up with each other on that show. So for you to feel that way about her, you must feel that way about everyone. I love CT and Diem, I think what they had on the show is the real deal.

Anonymous said...

Props to Diem for bringing awareness to her program at a major event such as Sundance. She seems like a sweet young lady and she may have a calming influence on CT. I don't care for the boy since I think he is a bully and a braggart but he is easy on the eyes. I hope that their party is a success.

Anonymous said...

Uh yes, I do feel that way about everyone on the show. I just hate Diem because she's a fake bitch about it. At least Veronica and Abe and shit admit to being fornicators.

And no, that is a wig.