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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Denver Episode 12: Brooke gets out of work, Colie ends up with the man of her dreams, Davis and Stephen join the fun

Last night's episode should have been themed, "Outward Bound Sucks". Brooke (Denver) makes it clear that she doesn't want to go on the trip once again. She complains that she'd rather die than have to spend five days sleeping outside. While her desire is imminently clear, she also somehow manages to roll her foot when chasing Davis (Denver) around the house. She concludes that she has to go to the doctor soon.

Meanwhile, Colie (Denver) is falling desperately in love with the Outward Bound Guide she met on the trip. Remember, she spent the night "flirting" with him when she was confined to camp because of her mono? Well, he calls her back telling her that he can't see her anymore because of Outward Bound. She's upset.

Brooke somehow manages to make it to the doctor and the doctor actually give her a note that says that she's not to do any physical activity (hiking, running, etc) for the next seven days. Brooke is elated.

Colie gets an email from her Outward Bound guide telling her that he's quit the job for her. The two meet up in an art show and are excited about exploring their relationship even though Colie is in an open relationship at home.

The group then goes to the local supermarket to buy food for the trip. Jenn (Denver) thinks Brooke is faking it because she's wearing heels with her brace. She begins to get on her nerves.

The cast makes it up to the mountain. Meanwhile, Davis is visibly sick. Once they make it up to the mountain, Davis immediately throws up. When they convene for a quick talk, Davis, Stephen (Denver), and Brooke all make it clear that they're not in their top physical shape. They're sent to get a doctor's clearance, along with Colie to clear her for her mono. The only one to pass is Colie, so Davis, Stephen and Brooke are sent home for the day or at least until they get better.

Then the best shot of the night, as the four who stayed in the mountains are climbing rocks and sleeping in the middle of nowhere with a flimsy shelter, you have Brooke and Stephen in the hot tub at night, drinking. Priceless.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hey you guys need to add that priceless quote from Collie last night to your quote section of the site... "I'm not going to stop myself from doing what my heart wants to do or what my vagina wants to do!"