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Friday, January 26, 2007

Duel Reunion: Things turn up differently in a somewhat re-edited reunion

It was interesting to see the Duel reunion in its final product and then to see it as it was filmed over at The surprise that they pointed to when Susie signed off the air last week, was in fact, Tina (South Pacific).

After Tina said that she wouldn't show up to the show, she did. In fact, this part of the reunion was left out of the online version, as the show switched to an offline feed saying that they were undergoing technical difficulties. Susie announced that Beth (Los Angeles) had to leave the stage because Beth refused to be in the same room with Tina. Tina was actually rather diplomatic about the incident, not really being as boisterous as she usually is. She did not apologize or offer remorse though. It was a bit awkward having Tina there, as all she came to talk about was how she hit Beth.

Some other major details that were important: Wes (Austin) and Johanna (Austin) did not get engaged. The two bought a house in Arizona, a bar in Los Angeles, and Wes is actually going back to school at ASU. They decided that they wanted to have Wes finish school before they commit to marriage, and they're still happily together. Jodi (Extreme) bought a condo in Virginia and donated some of the money to a charity close to her.

Svetlana (Key West) gave herself a pat on the back for coming so far after being such a huge underdog. Brad (San Diego) also gave himself a pat on the back, although he really would've loved to win the money for his company Rockstar Racing.

Then the fights: Svetlana and Beth got into it because Beth accused Svetlana of being hypocritical for calling out Kina (Extreme) when she cried when she lost the Duel, as Svetlana did the same thing with her. Svetlana jumped at the chance to ridicule Beth and you could tell the two are no longer friends.

Then talk turned to Beth and Nehemiah (Austin) and that relationship. CT (Paris) poked fun at Beth and then Beth tried to turn it around on him and Diem (Fresh Meat), which sent Diem into a spin. The two accused each other of being fake, with it ending pretty quickly.

Aside from that, there was minor talk of other things. Aneesa (Chicago) mentioned how she grew up and got along with Beth. She also talked about her dislike of Robin (San Diego) for a bit, especially for what she said in Buzios. Jodi talked about her shortlived fling with Evan (Fresh Meat), which Evan also spent a small amount of time on. CT talked about his loss and how disappointing it was.

Keep on watching for the next Challenge: The Inferno III in Cape Town, South Africa.


Anonymous said...

I really don't want to say this but I side with Beth about calling Svetlana hypocritical.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Despite talking TONS of smack before and during the push me challenge, Svetlana got her butt handed to her by Beth and her win was one of the flukiest in challenge history. For Svetlana to badmouth Kina for crying when she was doing the exact same thing reeks of hypocrisy.
Svetlana was classy with the way she handled herself after beating Aneesa, but the thing with Beth shows that she still has some growing up to do.
That being said, I'd still marry Svetlana in a second based on looks alone.

Anonymous said...

Svetlana's head has gotten way to big. She needs to bring it down a couple notches. She's still a newbie.

I don't know if Diem is fake or not but bitch has some problems. Why would she get mad at CT and Beth when the both openly stated that they were joking. Too bad no one called her out on using her illness and her suction-hole mouth to get her as far as she did.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if Diem is fake or not but bitch has some problems.

I completely agree with you. For someone who went through so much and supposedly is so tough, she has extremely thin skin. Her sense of entitlement (crying when Aneesa sent her into the Duel and when Tina sent her into the Fresh Meat challenge, and acting like Evan had no right to pick CT for the Duel) has got to stop.

Anonymous said...

I really would like to not see Diem in anything again. She is the most boring and fake.

Anonymous said...

wow, you guys are harsh!!! i'd have to imagine that someone battling an illness and dealing with the uncertainty that it creates in a person's life might result in a bit of emotional volatility.

The strength would only come after the battle has been won.

Have a heart guys! Jeeze!

Anonymous said...

I really would like to not see Diem in anything again. She is the most boring and fake..

Completely agree. Can I add bulimic ? Nice chipmunk cheeks on the after-show -- totally insecure, CT needs to find a real woman

Anonymous said...

You guys are bashing Fitz?
Svet badmouthed Kina because Kina made a huge show after she lost trying to act like her foot was broken. That's the only thing that pissed of Svetlana.
Beth is a fake and like they say, she's Textbook.
hhahaha loved how Fitz wouldn't back down from her.
Beth has to stop including herself in the wrong things.

Anonymous said...

By making it to the Final mission, Fitz is tough, and should NEVER be underestimated regardless if she is a newbie.

Who ever makes it to the Final Mission their first time around in the Challenges?
Certainly not the "Tough girls" Beth, Kina, Jodi, Tina, Veronica, etc.

Anonymous said...

Only one I can remember is Coral. She's bad ass

Anonymous said...

Boy, Derrick must have really felt like a chump sitting at home watching this reunion and thinking "I lost Diem to CT? Shit, she must have just been using me on Fresh Meat."

The first time I watched the show I wasn't comfortable with Beth's comments about Svetlana and Diem. But, having watched it again and now thinking about it, I have to admit that she is absolutely right. Maybe that is Beth's problem. She sees through the BS and we don't.

Damn, I guess I want her to come back again so I can figure out what she sees that I don't.

Anonymous said...

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