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Monday, May 21, 2007

As its nineteenth season is in production, The Real World turns 15 today

Today is a historic moment for MTV.

It's longest running show, The Real World turns 15.

Only May 21, 1992, Andre, Becky, Eric, Heather, Julie, Kevin and Norman were introduced to the world, as seven, young wide-eyed aspiring musicians, artists, actors, and poets, who came to New York City to live a dream.

Fifteen years later, The Real World has visited eighteen different cities around the world, has had 130 different castmembers appear on the show, spanned two successful spin-offs, a made-for-TV movie, and now an upcoming miniseries, it shows no signs of slowing down.

Although the premise, look, and feel of the show may have changed, it still stays true to the formula of having seven 18 to 24 year-olds living in a loft, to record their every move, and to see how seven young people interact with each other in today's world.

With its 20th season on the horizon, The Real World has become MTV's longest running program. Congratulations to the creators, producers, crew, and castmembers of The Real World. It's been a great fifteen years.


jessica said...

no sign of slowing down? aren't the ratings lower than ever now?

Anonymous said...

the ratings are just as good as theyve always been, theres now more teeny bopers to watch the show

Anonymous said...

It sure HAS changed in 15 years. Now all of them have drinking problems, mental illness, or both. Its a prerequisite for casting. The older RWs only included one or two people with issues each season. Now they all have them.

And the NY cast was NOT 18-24. Norman and Becky were over 30 when cast. Andre was perhaps also.

Anonymous said...

Actually that is not right for the above comment. Kevin was 26 during filming, Norm and Becky were both 25, Andrew, Eric and Heather were 21 and Julie was 19. Not one of them were 30 during casting.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I meant Andre, Not Andrew!

Anonymous said...

Ya I am pretty sure the ratings are lower now than they were before. I know Real World Denver had low ratings. I hope Real World Sydney can get better ratings because I want The Real World to last a lot longer!

Anonymous said...

i definitely love the real world...
i'm one of those "teen bopers"
I want to go on the real world with all my issues... haha

Anonymous said...

first of all, if you go back and look at the ratings for the first few seasons you will find that it is lower than the seasons today...there is a much bigger fan base today and a lot of more ppl to watch the show, to all the idiots who think the show has a chance of going off the air, GET WITH THE PROGRAM! the real world is not going anywhere people, its as strong as ever!

Anonymous said...

I love how the RW/RR challenges aren't even called that anymore...its
the damn RW/couple of freshmeat/Derrick challenge

Anonymous said...

It's good that the Austin season didn't sink "The Real World" for good. Two bad seasons in a row probably would have gotten the show cancelled.