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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Inferno 3 Episode 10: Post your reactions here

It's a male Inferno day as the two court jesters of the teams are sent to the Inferno. Kenny (Fresh Meat) and Ace (Paris) have to win the LifeShield tonight in order to save themselves from the dreaded Inferno.

Post your reactions here in this blog.


William said...

How can you claim that in the spoiler when the ads show Abe and Timmy in the Inferno?

Anonymous said...

And isn't there something in the ad about rules being broken in the inferno?

Anonymous said...

This must be a fake post....if you look at the big spoiler for inferno says Kenny makes it to the end......

Anonymous said...

well, i don't know if kenny makes it to the end, but with 5 seconds to go in the last preview on episode 9 on there is a clear shot of kenny doing a fishing challenge with abe to his left and derrick to his right, so none of the BA guys go home this week, its either ace or timmy depending on the lifeshield challenge.

Anonymous said...

unless the fishing challenge is this week... OF COURSE

Anonymous said...

the preview shows at least timmy in the inferno this week.

Anonymous said...

The commercial being shown says Ace and Kenny both won life shields. Abe and Timmy are selected to take their places. Timmy is sent home for a rules violation.

That's why I don't trust these spoilers sometimes...

Mim said...

Maybe, just maybe...that's why we should watch the show. That way we wouldn't be frustrated by incorrect spoilers. Just a thought :)

Anonymous said...

no shit sherlock

Anonymous said...

Wrong again.

how many fake spoilers is this fucking site going to post?

"Derrick defeats Timmy, makes it to the end of the gauntlet"

a day later...

"Uhh, sorry. Our spoilers were incorrect again. Timmy ends up sending Derrick home"

and countless others...

Anonymous said...

The spoilers even said that Abram made it to the end, Ace send Kenny home, and Derrick send Timmy home.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

derrick is an ugly faggot

Anonymous said...

watched the sneak peek at 430 and this has been my fave episode to date.. not much drama btw castmates, but just a good episode!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I saw the sneak peek this afternoon. Now, I understand the reason for the DQ in the Inferno, but it is somewhat ridiculous. I mean, what if you punched at the glass and it popped out? Once it fell, there was absolutely no way for Timmy to break it. Even with the no ripping rule in "Push Me" during the Duel, there was a way to avoid that (outright win like Svets did against Kina or not let your opponent throw you off enough). Once the glass pops out, it's out of your control.

Saying that, Timmy left with dignity. He's always been one of my all-time favorite cast members.

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Timmy for cooperating with production after it became obvious to him that he could not physically continue.

The first half of the episode is beyond laughable. It is obvious that Ev is largely responsible to Kenny's lifeshield, but to Kenny, it's all about him. Ev could probably whip his lame, white New Jersey ass.

Anonymous said...


Why did TIMMY have to retire!!!

Although he says that he tries to do "what's best for the team" but he doesn't. First in the GAUNTLET 2 he tried to do "what's best for the team" when he was facing DERRICK and he won when clearly it wasn't best for the team. Now he loses and it's clearly bad for the team, like he said it came back and bit him in the ass. He took it like a man and didn't pull a CT.

Now the only entertainers are:

KENNY- Funny but not quite as much as TIMMY.

ACE- Can be funny and goes crazy when he's in his party mode.

ABRAM- A funny guy and is also nice to see his intensity to win. Can get also get crazy during the challenges.

Derrick- Also nice to see his intensity and desire to win. Also most of the time screws people over when he eliminates someone and goes in because he's not that big. Plus never gives up and has alot of heart.

Anonymous said...

I totally agre with ANONYMOUS 4:28

And DeRRICK is hot except when he talks in the secluded room to the camera.

I like what DERRICK said about Timmy being a good guy and everything. And after what they have been through like in the GAUNTLET 2 TIMMY still went over to DERRICK and was the first one he hugged.

I also like what JOHNNY said about TIMMY being a warrior and being the leader and strategizer on the team.

Lastly it was hilarious what Abram said when he lost to TIMMY.

Anonymous said...

derrick is an ugly, shit-for-brains peterpuffer.

Anonymous said...

yes, derrick sucks. badasses would have been much better off with ct

Anonymous said...

Timmy got hosed. He couldn't do a thing about that glass falling. Also it's sad he's retiring but they've been some people that also called it quits from the shows including Susie (who was probably followed Timmy example)that were younger than he is.

Anthony said...

anyone know what song it was when timmy was saying goodbye...the lyrics were something like, " i hate goodbye...time have changed, i hate goodbye..."


Anonymous said...

What the hell are you talking about?

Derrick is awesome, he's smaller than everyone and still beats there ass.

Who cares about Ct. The Badasses don't need the biggest hot head/sore loser on this challenge.

Plus Derrick was the main reason Abram didn't go home because if you see closely he has a black hoody and he is waving his hands screaming and shoving his teammates out of the way to get Abram's attettion. You can even hear him.

Derrick has proven himself time and time again. When Ct just uses his size, intimidation, and hitting gay people. He also hit a guy he didn't even know on the Real World.

I hate Wes' guts, but everyone knows he would of beat Ct's ass in the Duel.

So for all you Derrick haters/jeoulus people, FUCK OFF and don't watch this show if you don't like Determinaton, Drive, Intensity, willing to risk your body to win, and heart.

Anonymous said...

Timmy has so much class. He has everybody respect. H went on like a true competitor, He will be missed dearly. But you cant do these things forever. WHat derrick said about timmy was right on spot. And dont hate on wes, he is still the best

Anonymous said...

derrick sucks.

and i don't appreciate spoilers being revealed. guess i won't be coming to the comments section anymore.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't hating on Wes I said that he would of beat Ct's ass in the Duel, DUMBASS.

Anonymous said...

it sucks that timmy is retiring. he's funny as hell and seems like a madd chill person

Anonymous said...

i'm going to miss timmy!

Anonymous said...

7:44 - "What are you, his boyfriend?!"

Get off Derrick's nuts you pole smoking faggot.

Anonymous said...

hey 8:36... the ones that make the derogatory remarks tend to also be the ones trying to hide from the truth of the remark they are making...

Patricia said...

why do people have to resort to namecalling at the drop of a dime around here?
im going to miss timmy, but im not surprised he's retiring from teh challenges. remember all his comments during the first episode? he was saying how he didnt even know more than half of the people in the house other than alton or something like that, i think that was probably a bit of an indication that he knew his time was up and that it was time to pass the challenge torch onto the up and comers, you know?

he'll always be one of my favorite road rulers of all time, i absolutely love him and christian during their season...some classic stuff right there.

Anonymous said...

Is it me or is time going by so fast..
A lot of RW and RR people are done with challenges, whats up with that?

Flora,Melissa - RW Maimi
Genesis, Elka, Sean- Boston
Lindsey- RW Seattle, only did 1
Amaya,Ruthi,Colin- where are they@?\
Melissa, Kelly,Danny, Jaime, Julie from NEW ORLEANS? where they at?
Coral,Rachel,Miz,- Back To Ny
Trishelle, Arissa, Steven, they only did a couple..Vegas
Leah, Adam, and Mallory only did 1
from Paris
Jamie and Randy from San Diego?
Wes? is he done?\

What about all the RR people? these challenges are becoming boring without NEW or older Veterans..

Anonymous said...

I don't really have anything against Derrick, I'm just sick of him. He's done what, 6 challenges in a row? Chill out dude, you're starting to look desperate.

Anonymous said...

derrick is desperate, and hes not even a good player, look at his record, that will tell you something all the ppl saying hes one of the best competitors, NOT!

Anonymous said...

why are ppl saying the spoilers on this page are wrong? they aren't. or they havent been so far at least. why would u look at a real world and road rules site if u dont want to know who wins? dont come here and then complained that the site spoiled it for u. u didnt have to look. how annoying. i hate that. anyways, i like wes, and derrick. so stop with the name calling. they are better than u are. derrick might not win at these challenges but he's still great. he is good at doing them. btw he isnt desperate. he only came on this one because ct has an attitude problem and DQed himself. CT is annoying. that sucks that poor timmy is not going to do anymore challenges. that also sucks that he got DQed but im glad the bad asses didnt lose. i like them better than the good guys.

Anonymous said...

derrick is a faggot.

patricia is a fat beast. go piss up a rope pussy bitch!@!!!!!!!1

Anonymous said...

MTV should bring Timmy back as the host for next season rather than TJ Lavin, who adds nothing to the show.

At least that way, Timmy can still return & it would be someone everyone respects - plus it will hopefully be a decent paying job so at least he can finally get some money from these challenges!