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Monday, May 21, 2007

Reunited: The Real World Las Vegas casting special showed first five minutes of first episode

If you caught the casting special that aired on Saturday of Reunited: The Real World Las Vegas you're caught up to the story of our Vegas seven strangers.

We were updated on the cast's lives, we relived some of Vegas's craziest moments, and we got an exclusive sneak peek of the upcoming season premiere which airs on Tuesday, May 30 at 10PM.

The episode showed the cast arriving at the Palms and meeting each other at the Suite. Frank (Las Vegas) and Steven (Las Vegas) met downstairs in the casino. Brynn (Las Vegas) and Irulan (Las Vegas) also met downstairs in the casino. The two girls met the two boys. Alton (Las Vegas) comes next and he's ecstatic to see the cast, even Irulan, his ex. Trishelle (Las Vegas) then walks through the door and the cast is astounded by how good/different she looks. Then, finally, we see Arissa (Las Vegas) moving up to the suite.

There's been a lot of tension surrounding Arissa ever since the cameras stopped filming five years ago. Alton and Irulan both publically stated that they were unhappy with Arissa after leaving the house. But this was years ago. Apparently, Arissa alienated herself from the rest of her cast, hasn't talked to anyone, and knows that she's "gonna have to have it out with Irulan." We have to wait until next week to see what happens.

On the season preview: Trishelle throws a bachelorette party for married mother of two Brynn, Irulan chases Steven through one of the newer Fantasy Suites, the cast plays casino games for a chance to win some real money, Irulan cries on the phone that she wants to go home, Frank throws a bottle at Steven's head, Irulan and Arissa have a major argument in a bar, Alton and Arissa having an argument about Arissa being put in the middle of Alton and Irulan's relationship.

There will be a Las Vegas marathon beginning next Saturday, May 26 at 7pm.


Anonymous said...

i have one word for frank: alchoholic.

Anonymous said...

Saturday May 26th... at 7pm EASTERN
The Real World Las Vegas Marathon!

Bingy said... another marathon!

Anonymous said...

I hated this show. Everyone was such trash. Show Chicago!!!

Anonymous said...

Brynn, Trishelle and Irulan all look better I guess. Alton, good luck on your stupid acting career. Frank is so ugly and annoying and the fact that he's trashed and hookin up with arissa? on camera is embarassing for him. I liked the older Frank better. Steven has an annoying smug look on his face and he is nowhere in life, no suprise. Arissa is like that bum jailbird from living color that made no sense. She soliloquezes her hypothesis. STFU.

Lu said...

hey, do you know what song they played at the las vegas reunited's like this acapella song ...all i hear is " ba ba ba ba"
anyhoo, im excited!

Anonymous said...

I live in Canada & can't view the reunited episodes on the MTV site. Can anyone tell me where else on the net I can watch them? (Mininova & EZTV don't have them either)