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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Inferno 3 Episode #10: Ace and Kenny save themselves, Timmy retires from the Challenges

Last night's episode of the Inferno started out with Abram (South Pacific) and Derrick (Extreme) both assuring each other that there was no way in hell that Kenny (Fresh Meat) would ever win the LifeShield.

Back on the Good Guys team, Ace (Paris) is also eager to prove himself, and his team discusses who should go into the Inferno. Timmy wants to volunteer, but some castmembers, especially Alton (Las Vegas) are pushing to save Timmy and bring Davis (Denver) back to the Inferno.

The mission is "Dog Day Afternoon" where the cast splits up into teams of two, having to pull two castmembers of the opposing teams on huge sleds. Timmy DQs because he is unable to finish the Challenge due to a torn calf muscle he injured in the ladder challenge.

Surprisingly, both Ace and Kenny pull off the LifeShield win. Timmy volunteers to go once again, much to the dismay of Alton who wants Davis to go in.

At the Inferno, Timmy is brought in, while Abram looks just to volunteer himself. The Inferno is simple. The guys are elevated in a glass box, given a steel ring, and have to break out of the glass box. If one of the panels of glass remained unbroken, they are DQed. There are three layers on each side, except the bottom layer which is the thickest.

It's a close competition, but Timmy breaks through the floor first. However, TJ Lavin informs our friend Timmy that when he went up to break the top panel, he stood up and popped one of the panels off without ever breaking it, therefore DQing Timmy and saving Abram.

Everyone is clearly disappointed and Timmy uses this opportunity to give a speech and retire from the Challenges. And in a first time ever, he gets a montage with footage from his Challenges and Road Rules USA Tour 2. Timmy joins an ever growing gaggle of castmembers who say they will never do another Challenge again.


Anonymous said...

lol. thanks for spoiling us all wrong.

Anonymous said...

nooo timmy can't retire wtf!

Anonymous said...

I agree with 8:21.

It's sad to see Timmy go. He's always been a favorite of mine. At least he went out like a man...unlike Rachel HAHA!

Anonymous said...

unlike everyone else, im relieved i wont have to see timmy anymore, although hes a great guy and all, i think its about time he retired, i mean hes like 40 years old and hes competing with like 20 year olds, its a bit weird to me, but i want in with the new and out with the old!

Anonymous said...

I thought it was a nice tribute to Timmy at the end. It is certainly time for him to retire!

Anonymous said...

Even though Wes is my favorite competitor .. I really cheer for just those ultimate nice guys and Timmy's that ultimate nice guy. It was sad to see that injury ruin his last challenge instead of him being able to go out in a fair fight but .. the DQ was a good call he just jumped up and knocked it over. Least he took it like a man.

Anonymous said...

It's sad to see another veteran retire from the challenges. I watch the challenges for the veterans, as I don't watch Road Rules and The Real World any more. It was always nice to see some blasts from the past. I guess Beth will be the only veteran we'll be seeing anymore!

Anonymous said...

That sucks that Timmy is retiring from the challenges :(
He was one of my favorites because he is so funny! It also sucked that he lost in the Inferno. I thought he won at first because I did not see that piece of glass that he forgot to break. Oh and I heard that Timmy is even younger than Beth. So ya.. I do not think he is 40 years old. He is getting pretty old for these challenges though.

Anonymous said...

yes it's sad that timmy is retiring, he's a great guy. i think though the young competitors are happy because he's a strong guy. it's funny that he does better then some of the 20 something yr olds

Anonymous said...

lol @ when timmy's old ass fell against that pole and he couldn't get up.

derrick is an ugly tool that smokes dick. said...

Timmy rocks. I am so bummed. I like the old school RR and RW cast members. They have brought a very cool vibe to the challenges. I think it provides a very good balance to have older and younger people together. And Timmy was a contender to the end. He has class and style and character. (And he maintained that even though it totally sucked to have that piece of glass fly off the top. There was no possible way for him to win. It was on the ground unbroken. He couldn't have gotten to it even if he knew what had happened.)

Well, I will very much look forward to an "old guys" reunion in the future. What an amazing opportunity came to all these people.

Those first casts of the shows (shows that were much better back in the day) had no idea what kind of a gift or opportunity was coming to them through their participation. The kids today know what comes with it.

Ahh...I just have a lot of respect for pioneers.

Yee haw Timmy. Hope to see you around! You have had a great run!

Anonymous said...

They should do a challenge with the vets (30 years and up). Tim will be missed.

texas said...

I agree...have a 30+ challenge and then Timmy will have to come out of retirement. Then have us 30+ viewers at home be the "fresh/old meat" to compete with him and the other old schoolers. We'll miss ya Tim; you've always been my fav from day 1.

Anonymous said...

derrick is sooo fucking hotttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

derrick is so the most georgeous guy in the history of either show or challenge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

i agree derrick is totally hott!!

but what ever happened w/


they were cute together!!

Lucky bitch

Anonymous said...

I agree with all of the posts. It would be great to see a challenge with the older veterans. I hate that Timmy DQ and had to go home, but I think it was really for the better. His injury reminded me of the one Coral got on the Fresh Meat challenge. He should have been sent home. Does anyone remember the injury Colin from RW Hawaii got on the first Battle of the Sexes challenge? I think he still walks with a limp.

Anonymous said...

I didn't really like Timmy, but I freakin' hate DQs, especially this one. I wish they didn't hold him accountable of that one as it was out of his control.

Anonymous said...

I fucking love Timmmy! he is totally hilarious and the true definition of a "good guy". geez, I practically cried when he got the DQ. no1, especially Timmy, should get booted for that bullshit type of call. anywayz, if u read Evelyn's myspace blog (Episode 10), she goes into detail about how the glass, from the inferno, sliced open Timmy's knees and he had to get like 15 stitches! I feel so bad for the guy! but he's had a great run on tv, and he will be missed very much (atleast by me!).

Heidi said...

I'm so upset that Timmy decided to retire from the Challenges. He has always been my favorite. I only watch the Challenges because of him. :-(

Anonymous said...

how about that gun show from kenny! :p i think hes adorable i hope hes in the winning team for the bad asses.

and i was really sad to see timmy go! that tiny little panel honestly wouldnt have made a difference in the end, timmy wouldve broke it and timmy truely won that. abe isnt that good i dont kno why hes put out to be the best competitor, he sucks and hes boring. timmy's moment was emotional and moving and im ganna miss him so much!! timmy won his last challenge and went out like a man. miss u timmy! and pahleeeeeeese somebody send tanya home, she still sucks, shes still a trashy little girl, and shes just more annoying than ever with how she thinks shes a good competitor, i wanna kno who told her that lie. i really hope susie sends her packing.

anne said...

I still don't get how Timmy could have prevented the DQ. It was not his fault. Instead, the glass didn't even break once it hit the ground. He knocked it out which should have broken the piece. How can he be DQ for their faulty materials? I don't get it. Thankfully, he was man enough to accept it.