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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Commercial for Las Vegas Reunited shows new hairstyles, Frank and Arissa kissing

Yesterday, during the finale of Denver, MTV showed the first commercial of Reunited: The Real World Las Vegas.

It was an incredibly brief look at the new series, but it showed all seven castmembers arriving at the Palms and select scenes from the new season. Most notably, Irulan (Las Vegas) has a very different hairstyle, shorter than before. Brynn (Las Vegas) has longer hair and is now a brunette. Steven (Las Vegas) has shaved his head.

Two scenes were also shown last night. One was of Alton (Las Vegas) and Arissa (Las Vegas) either arguing or just playing around. The second was a kiss between Arissa and Frank.

The "Casting Special" which will update us on what the seven strangers have been up to. It will air this Saturday. Don't forget to catch it.


Anonymous said...

Frank is a big ugly dork, and arissa is a pea brained ghetto idiot. This show is a perfect blend of today's society, mtv. middle america's retards blending with ghetto america to create a baby that is less intelligent than george bush.

Anonymous said...

NASTY. arent these cats like 30?? who gives a flying fuuuk?

Gabe said...

Check it out, movies, music, TV, entertainment. Woo!

Anonymous said...

I think its great. Las Vegas was the most highly rated season.. I am sure its 2nd season airing will get lots of ratings b/c even the most determined "I hate RW" idiots will watch just out of curiousity. Plus its something different.

Anonymous said...

this idea is so dumb and sad. these people are 5 years older and still losers. Also Arisa and frank both bugged the sh@t outa me man. the fact that they get together makes sense. both seemed crazy. that said, i dont plan to watch.

Anonymous said...

Trishelle is a joke, she wants to be an actress and her best update about her is that she's staring in a movie called "Ninja Cheerleaders"!!!!! LOL, LMAO, ROFL, HAHAHAHA. Serious she stared in another movie, a horror movie, with other reality stars, which bombed! Than she hookedup with Johnny Fairplay and Andy Dick, yeah "she matured and is doing big things." HA HA

I always wondered by Alton and Irulan broke up? Never was explained, and seeing Frank and Arissa hook up seems pretty cool and interesting!

Good for Brynn, i think she moved on from reality t.v and decided to get married, start a family and living a good life.

This is by far my fav season which also included Hawaii, San Diego, Chicago, New Orleans. I miss how mtv stopped showing old seasons of RW when a new season was about to start, MTV sucks!

Anonymous said...

The reason they have the reunion you fuckin idoits is because they wanted to reunite austin and not everybody agreed, so they asked las vegas cast and they agreed. Secondly, when they did show the Vegas marathon, the ratings were very high so they said, "fuck it" lets reunite them. and then presto, we have Vegas Reunited!

Anonymous said...

1) Why the fuck would MTV reunite such a recent season? Austin was two seasons ago you blowhard.

2.) What the flying fuck is an "idoit?"

Let me heard from an "insider"...go fuck yourself, kid.

Anonymous said...

At least people from Austin had brains. Look above for the definition of idiot.As far as this show, I was shocked. Vegas is all a bunch of slutty low life retards and mtv is exploiting them for that EXACT reason. Irulan is the only one that seems to have changed for the better. Good for her and her new bf and photography. She looks great.

Trichelle, Steven and Frank- wtf? allll losers, especially frank. WTF is that guy doing at like 30? What a walking contradiction! He acts like a piece of drunken trash and pretends he wants a good girl! he seems completely crazy now. Trishelle- not doin too bad it seems, for run of the mill LA actors. At least she has money. Steven- personal trainer? hahah what a joke!! That guy has stds for sure.

As far as Arisa and Alton, stillll pathetic and losers.

All in all. MTV is trash, and these 7 idiots were the only ones desperate enough to agree to this. How sad for all of them. Truly sad.Shame on mtv.

Anonymous said...

"idoit" its called a typo you fuckin cunt. I'm not writing a proposal, im writing for a real world blog. It happens idiot (happy now!)

And yes, i heard it from an "insider", my close friend interns for MTV in the city, so yeah go fuck yourself you fuckin wanker!!!!

Anonymous said...

frank acts like an over grown baby and an alchoholic. And he's apologizing to his mom? he should apologize to himself for acting like a drunken retard and slob. Aren't most guys past this drunken embarassing stage at his age? He's about 28-29 right? Getting piss ass drunk and hooking up with chicks on camera. I thought Trishelle would be like that but she seems totally cleaned up now. Hats off to her.

Anonymous said...

Trishelle cleaned up, HAHA you are a comedian, dude, she hooked up with Andy Dick(fuckin nasty) and Johnny Fairplay(fuckin scum). Trishelle is a no-no for me!

Anonymous said...

I just watched that LAME special and all I have to say is that at least Trishelles SLUTTY-NESS was in the past!! (To the post above). She may have hooked up with andy dick or whatever, but That is frank now. WTF happened to him? Frank has regressed into a total retard. More drunk and sloppier than all of them. I saw him sliding around the floor and hooking up with 3 different girls right? You dont see Trishelle acting like that now. There shouldnt be a double standard for guys and girls, especially at their age. She looks great now. Yay for her.