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Monday, May 14, 2007

Las Vegas Reunited had two cliques; The new season preview airs this Saturday, premiere is May 30th

The Real World: Las Vegas cast has now departed from the Palms Hotel/Casino and it's been a few weeks now. The new season Reunited: The Real World Las Vegas is tentatively scheduled to air a preview special this Saturday, May 19 at 1PM (and again at 9PM). Prior to that, MTV is running a "MTV Special" all throughout the day, which most likely will be a marathon, but no word on that yet.

While the actual premiere is slated to begin on May 30th, MM Agency is already spoiling some information regarding the cast interaction. While the cast seemed to leave on good terms five years ago, it seems that the cast formed two distinct cliques while living in the loft. Frank (Las Vegas), Steven (Las Vegas), and Trishelle (Las Vegas) formed one group, while Alton (Las Vegas), Arissa (Las Vegas), Brynn (Las Vegas), and Irulan (Las Vegas) formed another.

Expect a lot of reminiscing, probably not much fights, and just an all-around good time. The cast wasn't living together for very long, they all are five years older, and are much savvier when it comes to reality television, many having gone through the process the first time, and a few going through subsequent Challenges later on. Should be interesting to catch up with these strangers though. Keep tuned in to find more.

(Remember, this week marks the season finale of The Real World: Denver)


Anonymous said...

if the real world denver ends may 16th
and reunited: the real world las vegas starts may 30th
when do they show... The S@#% They Should Have Shown and the real world denver reunion?

Anonymous said...

MTV has gone to Sh*t!!! Heres a real update people.

Trishelle- slept with half of LA, but still looks bangin. Shes the only one whos making it.

Frank- Still drunk and Annoying as f*ck, slept with most of la's ugly trashy waitresses, or asian chicks and has no job.

Steven- Slept with 1/3 of LA's reality tv whores, but is still a loser working in and out of gay bars, and manly jenna lewis.

All 3 are rumored to have a rare breed of std called LAoutofworkactoritis.

Anonymous said...

I cant wait to see them all fight about how theyre no where in life and how many stds theyve gotten since the show aired. Boo. Reunite san francisco!

Anonymous said...

best moment in years = brooke sobbing about her fake fall that jacked up her tailbone, and then seeing her hold her hand up her dirty ass...priceless! this series needs to end NOW.