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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Inferno 3 Episode #9: Tonya tries to make amends, Aneesa has an injury, Ace and Kenny sent to the Inferno

The episode begins with a little Tonya (Chicago) drama. Tonya and Davis (Denver) make out at a club. Tonya is married. Davis is gay. The two go home, but nothing happens. Later on, the Good Guys girls and Davis are playing the "I Hate Tonya" game, but this time, Tonya is listening outside the door. She momentarily breaks down, calls her husband, and vents her frustrations of not being able to get along with everyone at the Challenges.

On the way to the Challenge, we see Aneesa (Chicago) has a nasty knee injury that could potentially prevent her from competing. She lets the cast know that she's going to the doctor to check out her knee and she might be able to compete.

The mission is jumping from trampolines to platforms, but all team members must stand on the platforms in between the trampolines at one time to get to the end. Aneesa cannot compete in this mission. Kenny (Fresh Meat) says that Aneesa may as well go home.

The mission is pretty difficult at first, but both teams get the hang of it by the end. The Bad Asses pull off a win.

At deliberations, both teams select what they believe to be easy targets: Ace (Paris) and Kenny. Both are pretty gracious about it. Meanwhile, the Bad Asses begin to gang up on Aneesa, questioning her value to the team. Aneesa vigorously defends herself and threatens to pull a Gauntlet II where she exploded at Cara (South Pacific).


Anonymous said...

I hate Tonya because she's a crazy weird slut pshyco babe.

Beat that!

Anonymous said...

I hate tonya because she thinks she all bad-ass, and she's not!

Anonymous said...

Anyone seen the previews for the next episode? Kenny and Ace both win the lifeshield and send in Abe and Timmy and it looks like one of the gets DQ'ed. I hope it's Abe!

Anonymous said...

That can't be right. First of all, Kenny getting a lifeshield? Really?

And what preview of next week's episode? The last preview MTV did was for the rest of the season--not next week's episode.

Anonymous said...

They show the one for next weeks episode during commercials on MTV.

Anonymous said...

so is Janelle pregnant with Johnny's baby or not?

Anonymous said...

I hate Kenny`s accent! I hope he retires w/Aneesa and Cara.

Anonymous said...

They should have the real old crew like Beth and timmy against the super young ones.

Anonymous said...

they should make a challenge against people that were kicked off because of hitting. hee hee Abe hitting tina.

Anonymous said...

That Davis is such a backstabber. What a homo.



Unscramble the words:

Bea stabe Mimyt

Anonymoly said...

I'm glad. I love Kenny and Ace.

Time and Abe both get on my nerves. Its a win-win for me.

Anonymous said...

I really hope Timmy wins.. I just like him so much! Someone said both won the lifeshield. I'd think if Abe won it he'd go in anyway to keep a guy, Kenny, in; aren't they down to three? It's hard for me to picture Ace winning it also. (We know his trackrecord.. but it could possibly be something fitting for him.)

Anonymous said...