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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Inferno 3 Episode #8: Susie vs. Tonya (again), Colie is backed into a corner, Jenn beats Colie

Last night on the Inferno saw an incredibly tense moment between the Good Guys team when Colie (Denver) was basically thrown into the Inferno when the rest of her team had lost faith in her. Susie (Australia), Cara (South Pacific) and Colie had been in an alliance. Susie pledged not to vote Colie in if she won the LifeShield. John (Key West) lobbies hard to keep Paula (Key West), who is his friend and a stronger competitor. Meanwhile, on the Bad Ass team, Tonya (Chicago) wants to win the LifeShield so she can take out Susie.

The group gets their mission. They have to walk on these poles that are supported by the rest of their team from one platform to another. Evelyn (Fresh Meat) and Colie (Denver) both fall and it causes tension and a DQ for each team. It turns out that Susie and Tonya win the LifeShield. Susie has to save herself. Tonya leaves it up in the air that she may go in.

Meanwhile, the Good Guys pressure Susie to send in Colie. It culminates in the guys making Colie cry in the van, so Colie knows that it's coming. Tonya had told Jenn that she'd make her decision once they were at the Inferno. Susie decides to send Colie. Tonya doesn't save Jenn. They have to maneuver around a huge rotating wheel. Colie loses pretty easily. Susie says that they chose the right person to go to the Inferno. Colie graciously steps out of South Africa and the game.


Anonymous said...

I think Johnny is going to miss all those girls he wants to get rid of when it's the final challenge. Do you really think that they aren't going to have stuff that designed to give females an advantage? (ie- puzzles, something that gives you an advantage if you're small, etc???)

Anonymous said...

Johnny wants to get rid of the girls because they didn`t want to party that night Ace was punched.

Tonya Massachusetts said...

Tonya I seen how upset you got when you heard Susie & Cara talking about you. Keep your chin up...we love you and support you!! They just wish they had your personality. They are weak and are afraid of your strength mentally & physically. You go girl...and win this one! You deserve it. You have alot of supporters not living in that house and we appreciate you!!!