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Friday, May 18, 2007

Reunited: The Real World Las Vegas website opens and updates you on cast whereabouts

The website of Reunited: The Real World Las Vegas opened yesterday. It has pictures and cast biographies, updating you on what the seven strangers have been doing since they left Las Vegas five years ago. Visit the website.

Alton has been living in California. He broke up with Irulan two years ago and has a new girlfriend. He's looking forward to seeing her again.

Arissa now leaves on the beach with her cat and spends her time cooking and painting. Her bio alludes to leftover tensions between her and her castmates.

Brynn married Austin and now has two kids with him. They are both living in Portland.

Frank is living in California and is attending graduate school.

Irulan is living in New York. She is a photographer and is moving in with her new boyfriend. She too is excited to see Alton again.

Steven is now a personal trainer and going to school to get his degree in psychology. He seems to be more laidback then he was five years ago.

Trishelle has been bit by the acting bug and has a few movies under her belt. She probably has the most high profile career of the seven.

Tomorrow, the casting special airs at 1pm, plus MTV will be airing a marathon of the entire season fairly soon.


Anonymous said...

All - still slutty, struggling to find work, and boring as fuck.

Anonymous said...

Can't they have a marathon of some other season? I want to see all the earlier seasons before the Chicago season because those are the ones I never got to see and I would love to see them. MTV does not need another marathon of Real World Las Vegas because they just had the Real World Las Vegas marathon before Real World Denver aired. I guess this marathon is just in honor of Real World Las Vegas reunited.

Anonymous said...

Im with the above comment. Also, RW Las Vegas is allready out on DVD. I want them to have some other marathon like Boston, Seattle or maybe something earlier than that. If they want new, do Key West or Philly or even Back to New York. Las Vegas is the spoiled brats of MTV. Everyone else just gets set to the side.

Anonymous said...

I completely agree above! I HATED this cast. MTV has gone completely desperate. these people are all disgusting.

Anonymous said...

if they wanted a reunion, they should have done san francisco, miami, seattle, hawaii, new orleans or back to new those would have been good! the only people that i care to see is brynn, frank, irulan, and arissa.

Anonymous said...

Trishelle is a joke, she wants to be an actress and her best update about her is that she's staring in a movie called "Ninja Cheerleaders"!!!!! LOL, LMAO, ROFL, HAHAHAHA. Serious she stared in another movie, a horror movie, with other reality stars, which bombed! Than she hookedup with Johnny Fairplay and Andy Dick, yeah "she matured and is doing big things." HA HA

I always wondered by Alton and Irulan broke up? Never was explained, and seeing Frank and Arissa hook up seems pretty cool and interesting!

Good for Brynn, i think she moved on from reality t.v and decided to get married, start a family and living a good life.

This is by far my fav season which also included Hawaii, San Diego, Chicago, New Orleans. I miss how mtv stopped showing old seasons of RW when a new season was about to start, MTV sucks!

Anonymous said...

The reason they have the reunion you fuckin idoits is because they wanted to reunite austin and not everybody agreed, so they asked las vegas cast and they agreed. Secondly, when they did show the Vegas marathon, the ratings were very high so they said, "fuck it" lets reunite them. and then presto, we have Vegas Reunited!

Anonymous said...

i think the frank arissa hook up is gross. Hes the ugliest dork and could never get a girl with class. That guy is a piece of trash.

The reason they reunited them is because they all have no lives. Presto!

Anonymous said...

Seriously? WTF! Havent these people grown up. Its weird because the people I thought would have been grown up are worse. Frank and Steven--> still losers. Trischelle seems to be in the best place out of all of them. ALSO Frank seems like a totaly loser now. I thought he'd have a good girl by now but he seems to have degenerated to more of a gay frat d-bag. LAME MTV.