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Monday, August 18, 2003

Jisela gets the boot from Road Rules; Teck, Nathan, Beth, Syrus, Ruthie on the Wedding Video; Rumored cast of Chicago

Poor little Jisela... She got the boot. Read our episode guide of that episode and the latest Real World episode where the kids work and Lori sings:

Also, we got some more news. Dane and Chris are still working on the column for Norman's movie the Wedding Video. They are still working hard and we're looking to bring that to you soon. We got encounters with stars of the movies, and people including Teck (Hawaii), Nathan (Seattle), Beth S. (Los Angeles), Syrus (Boston), and Ruthie (Hawaii).

Also, I've been emailed like 1,000,000 corrections of the names of the RW Chicago! Here's what I have so far: Theo, Lars, Kyle, Chris, Tanya, Ariel, Nora, and Cara. As you notice, there are four guys. It has been reported that two cast members, one male and one female, have left cast to appear in RW12, which is rumored to be in Philadephia, Pittsburgh, Las Vegas or Atlanta. They reportedly chose to leave after the protesting and murders at the house.

In reality TV news, I urge you to check out the new shows. Murder in Small Town X is probably the best new show you're not watching! Well, at least in terms of reality. It's a really well put together show and has a lot of good elements. Spy TV and Fear Factor can get a little tiring. It's just the same thing over and over and over. Cannonball Run 2001 was good... For about 5 minutes. It really needed a lot more to run on. After the first episode, it seemed to lose its gas. BMP is also coming out with two new reality shows and a reality MOVIE. The first show, which is premiering soon on FOX, is called Love Cruise. It's kinda like Temptation Island, but they vote people off. It looks good. Also, they are casting for a new show set to premiere on the WB called Lost in the USA, which is a wannabe Road Rules. The movie is called The Wedding. Details are still sketchy about the last two at this point. New shows to watch for: NBC's Lost and CBS's The Amazing Race. Those look to be really good, but don't expect them to have an impact like Survivor. Also, Big Brother 2 seems to be dwindling down with only Monica, Hardy, Bunky, Nicole, and Will left in the house. Personally, I want either Nicole or Monica to win, but everyone knows it's either going to be Hardy or Will. And if you haven't heard, Survivor 3: Africa is running into problems with the protests of using the Shaba Reserve to film the show. The show is already halfway through, and should premiere soon. Survivor 4 is currently casting.

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