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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Answers to the Gauntlet 2 Finale and who wins the finale is now up online

Here´s the answers to all the clues:

1) Veteran. Male. Road Rules. This castmember's ability to perform on the Challenges is no guarded secret.
Answer: Mark (USA Tour 1). He appeared in the soft-porn movie, ¨Guarded Secrets¨.
2) Veteran. Male. Road Rules. This castmember swigged cider a couple of times during his season.
Answer: Timmy (USA Tour 2). A favorite hobby of his was to swig cider and sing his song with fellow castmate Christian (USA Tour 2).
3) Veteran. Male. Real World. This person is half of the Virginia pair that were "non-strangers".
Answer: David (Seattle). David and castmate Nathan (Seattle) made Real World history when they were cast even as best friends at VMI. An additional bit of trivia, both Nathan and David claimed to have met Rebecca (Seattle) long before the series started and Stephanie, Nathan´s girlfriend at the time, was also a finalist for the show.
4) Veteran. Female. Real World. This castmember seemed to develop a rift with Veronica during her season.
Answer: Aneesa (Chicago) dated, fought and broke up with a Veronica on her season.
5) Veteran. Female. Real World. This cast member had a love/hate relationship with the armed forces during her season.
Answer: Robin (San Diego) both dated a member of the armed forces and was charged with battery against a member of the armed forces on her season.
6) Veteran. Female. Real World. The pitbull of the Challenge bunch.
Answer: During the Extreme Challenge, Julie (New Orleans) was called a pitbull by the Road Rules team.

7) Rookie. Male. Real World. This person woke up to a poster of Malcom X on his wall every morning.
Answer: Jamie (New Orleans) was criticized by Kameelah (Boston) during the New Orleans casting special because of the fact that he boasted he had a Malcom X poster on his wall.
8) Rookie. Male. Real World. This person was half of the couple that made it to the finale on the first Gauntlet.
Answer: Alton (Las Vegas) made it to the end of the first Gauntlet while Irulan (Las Vegas) didn´t.
9) Rookie. Male. Real World. One of the Real Worlders who has had an infamous underwear modeling career post Real World.
Answer: Although CT (Paris) and Eric (New York) both fit the bill, this is none other than Landon (Philadelphia).
10) Rookie. Male. Real World. One half of Philadelphia's famous Abercrombie twins.
Answer: MJ (Philadelphia) joins his buddy Landon in the final Gauntlet.
11) Rookie. Female. Road Rules. Unknown
12) Rookie. Female. Road Rules. Unknown

Again, the Rookies wins the Gauntlet.

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