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Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Seven Strangers are finally profiled by MTV's new website

Cohutta, 23 - Blue Ridge, GA

Born and raised in small-town Georgia, Cohutta is a southern gentleman who's quick to impress the ladies with his chivalry, his wit, and his country wisdom. When he's not building houses (he's a self-employed contractor), this 23-year-old cowboy spends his time wandering the mountain ranges, riding horses, and playing the banjo. Ultimately, Cohutta wants to settle down and raise a family in Georgia. In fact, he'll be the first to tell you he's looking for a wife. But in the meantime, lookout Sydney.

Dunbar, 22 - Natchez, MI

At first glance, Dunbar appears to be the stereotypical southern fraternity boy, but a series of life-changing obstacles has forced him to learn responsibility. When his family lost everything after a money-laundering scandal, Dunbar was forced to negotiate his own financial situation, and since then has taken full responsibility for his livelihood. He enrolled in the military to help build his college fund, and now he attends Ole Miss. Dunbar is well-spoken and opinionated on political issues, literature and poetry. He's also arrogant and hot-headed. Though he doesn't seem the "relationship" type, he's very committed to his girlfriend back home.

Issac, 21 - Cleveland, OH

His rugged, "bad-boy" look makes this 21-year-old seem intimidating initially, but deep down Isaac is just a handsome, lovable party boy. He grew up in an unstable household surrounded by drugs and crime, but he's worked hard toward achieving a better future for himself. A student at the University of Arizona, he strives hard to maintain a 4.0 GPA. With his comedic personality, he bonds with the guys and charms the ladies.

KellyAnne, 20 - Austin, TX

Twenty-year-old Texan KellyAnne doesn't just show up to the party; she has to be the center of attention at it, too. She's a self-described tease who craves the attention of men. She's hot and she knows it... and she'll use it to get what she wants. At a young age, KellyAnne had to deal with her parents' divorce. As a result of that difficult split, she has trouble trusting men. Despite all of the drama that might have come her way, KellyAnne just wants to have fun.

Parisa, 21 - New York, NY

Parisa is a thoughtful and smart New Yorker, who at first might seem out of place among The Real World party girls. She was raised by loving but hypercritical Muslim parents who don't support Parisa's dream of being a singer/songwriter. So, Parisa maintained a perfect GPA in school and jumped straight into a business career to please her parents. It wasn't until recently that she put aside their expectations to make room for her own dream of stardom.

Shavoun, 24 - Sacramento, CA

Shauvon is more than just a buxom blonde bombshell; she is also an intellectual sex columnist for Sacramento State University's newspaper. Raised primarily by her controlling mother, Shauvon was pressured to have her ambitions and goals intricately planned out. This often resulted in Shauvon putting her mother's happiness before her own. Tired of being told what to do, she recently broke off her engagement to a man who forced her to choose between a career and him. Although she knows she made the right decision, the wound is still raw.

Trisha, 19 - Fresno, CA

Trisha is a sharp-tongued party girl from California who enjoys flaunting herself with the popular crowd. Raised as a devout Christian by her adoptive parents, 19 year-old Trisha lives a life of rebellion, spending most nights drinking and hooking up. She recently committed to a serious relationship with her boyfriend, shedding her self-proclaimed "virgin party girl" image. Trisha is talkative and opinionated and will do whatever it takes to make her voice heard.


Anonymous said...

lol i like how they threw in that towelhead sand nig parisa so that they have diversity

Anonymous said...

that is really mean

Anonymous said...

remember when Mi is Michigan and not mississippi?

Parisa said...

hahahhahah... fyi when we got to the house KellyAnne was like "wait, where's the black roommate?" and we all looked around and I was like "am i the brownest person here????" good times..

keysha said...



Anonymous said...

The Real World: Sydney Casting Special premieres on August 1st at 10pm.. of course on MTV

and it plays throughout the week.
there is currently no marathon schedule before August 5th.

Anonymous said...

Why are none of them from Austrailia? I was looking forward to some non-Americans.

Anonymous said...

this real world is fake... the real world is general is fake now... used to be real but is soooo fake i loved how they made them act in commercials last season this show will never be good like it used to be