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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Trailer suggests that Kelly Anne conspires to create a fight that will get someone sent home

The website has some new clues about the upcoming season. Immediately, on the first night there's tension:

On their first night together, KellyAnne gets tipsy and goes wild, sending up red flags for The Real World housemates and leading Parisa to fear they'll be "babysitting" for the next four months. Then when KellyAnne and Dunbar are the first to hit the hot tub, Parisa knows she's in for a bumpy ride. There's immediately an "us vs. them" mentality in the house, as the roomies pair off and take sides. But what will they do when they have to work as a team at their new job?

If you watch the trailer, you'll see Kelly Anne (Sydney) conspiring against another female roommate, to attempt to send her home. What's the outcome? Trisha (Sydney) pushing down Parisa (Sydney). We also see Trisha and Cohutta (Sydney) in a pretty heated fight. This leads us to speculation that someone, a female, will be sent home this season. There's been rumors about this and the trailer seems to corroborate this.


Anonymous said...

ummm i dont think that was trisha arguing with cohutta. i think thats shauvon. does anyone agree?

Anonymous said...

yeahhh I'm pretty sure that was Shauvon...


I've also heard rumors that Trisha gets replaced because of that little shove she gave Parisa = X

End spoiler.

Anonymous said...

I heard that too, but I think it would be stupid if they replace her just by shoving someone.

Anonymous said...

yeah, I think it would make more sense for shauvon to get replaced for throwing all that glass at cohutta rather than a little push. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.

Anonymous said...

The Real World: Sydney Casting Special premieres on August 1st at 10pm.. of course on MTV

and it plays throughout the week.
there is currently no marathon schedule before August 5th.

Anonymous said...

i know the girl that replaces trisha or shauvon...her name is ashley and she's from georgia

Anonymous said...

Trisha got KICKED OUT in march of 2007 for getting into a fight with Parisa!! She was sent home after only being in Sydney for over a month. Shauvon posted a comment on Trisha's myspace back in March 07' saying how much she missed her and that she wished she were there (Sydney!) They stopped filming around May 26, 2007. Go look at their myspace comments if you don't believe me!

Anonymous said...

Here is a picture of the 8th "NEW" roommate of RW Sydney after Trisha got kicked out!! She moved in around March 21, 2007...Her name is ASHLI R****** and she is 19 originally from Georgia, but now lives in Huntington Beach, CA. She is the girl in the blue shirt with black hair!!

Anonymous said...

ASHLI is Trisha's replacement

Ashli Robson
19 yrs old
residing in Huntington, CA, but originally from Georgia

Girl in red/white top

Girl in blue top

Anonymous said...

The new girl, Ashli, is too ugly to be on the Real World...I'm surprised.